Dracula Prasch and His Jewish Blood/Alcohol Levels ~ tbckawaii

Dracula Prasch—the fiend extraordinaire—waxes worse and worse and dost continue to wreak havoc upon ministries of The Most High God, with arguments that faileth; yet by his lips they recur most frequent. Consequently I approach Dracula Prasch’s ivory crypt, and he, wrongly thinking that I be Dave Borlase, doth arise from it fortified by Dutch courage and he yelleth “I have in mine gullet 3 quarts of Jew blood!” and as he fumbleth his aquamarine A4 information pouch, I, holding a cross, shout back at him “THE POWER OF DISSONANCE COMPELLETH THEE!”


46 thoughts on “Dracula Prasch and His Jewish Blood/Alcohol Levels ~ tbckawaii

  1. In the bigger picture, this event besides possibly sending someone to jail will only hurt Amos’s channel. They will continue to get strikes which will eventually lead to YouTube stoping them from uploading material and possibly even losing their channel. I can hear the unrighteous scream already. “O they are suppressing the truth that Jacob preaches.” No, they are getting rid of a bully who can’t control his temper, eat the sheep, who (with hie Praschites) slam every true believer that does not agree with them etc.. And these people actually sanction trolls to do their dirty work and chaos online. How is this godly character? And having godly character is part of having sound doctrine. SMH. Read 1st and 2cd Timothy and Titus for crying out loud.

  2. Yes, there were 2 fake IDs. Funny that some people are talking to the fake IDs like they are really me. That’s absolutely strange. The one removed was using my actual name and picture. That’s what made it criminal. Its different consequences from state to state but here are the consequences Conviction for an identity theft crime can result in a significant incarceration sentence. In general, a conviction for a misdemeanor offence can lead to up to a year in jail, while felony sentences can result in several years or more in prison. Fines. Its varies state to state. Take for example the state of Washington its actually a class B felony there.

  3. Sorry Tim, just read Mike and Pats comment. I realise now there where 2 fake accounts.
    I hope they are brought to book whoever has done this.

  4. Notice how Amos left the fake id of you up, rather than remove it? This should make everyone aware and recognize that Amos, Jacob and crew lack the basic ethics and morals that even the world uses. It’s simple common curtesy, yet they don’t apply it. With that we also understand, and we come to realize there is certainly no fruit of the spirit in operation here either. Not only that but to allow some to speak ill and treat others badly, this is the same behaviors and character traits of their leader Jacob Prasch. Sadly Amos/Jacob are very much aware and comprehend that those they allow to act out are indeed unstable; yet because it serves their purpose/flesh, they allow these comments, even when those attack their own supporters. This last sentence really drives home the understanding that indeed Jacob’s followers imitate him and not Christ, because Jacob attacks his own also, he is indiscriminate in his rage. While it’s easy to understand that all of us can get caught up in the flesh at times and say things we shouldn’t; as believers we should be easily aware and sensitive to the Holy Spirit and the conduct, actions and words that we speak and do. Blessings Tim

  5. The fake ID that had my name and picture on it was removed by YouTube. I got an email on that today. The other fake account (Simply Agape Project) where a person is actually talking to it like it’s me, and obviously it’s not
    That’s insanity

  6. That pig Prasch had no problem taking his shirt off in front of my wife to change shirts and then tuck it into his pants. I’m not a doctor but there is something seriously wrong with Jacob. When I have covered Bethel I have always said it is scarier to see the audience even more than Heidi Baker and Bill Johnson. Because all these people are laughing and cheering this clown on. They also use mentally ill people to troll the internet for them. They are sick individuals. And one of the Prashites better enjoys their time out in the public before they are likely doing some time behind bars for criminal actions.

  7. The “no no no no” moment with Amos and Prasch is comparatively the moment in Leon Festinger’s book ‘When Prophecy Fails’ (which I talked about in ‘The Total Corruption of the Moriel Police Squad’) when the cultists Festinger was researching had all torn off their metal zippers and buttons at the command of the spacemen who according to Mrs Keach were about to pick them up from her house in the spaceship (with reporters and photographers standing outside to record it). The cultists loitered around the back yard looking into the night sky, but when the time of their proposed collection came and went they were all crestfallen. It was a pivotal moment as the group from that point split into two: the ones who grasped reality in one camp, and the ones who gathered together and worked out a stupid explaination for the failure in the second camp alongside its leader Mrs Keach and her spokesman Dr Armstrong.
    I suspect the Moriel echo chamber will be similarly divided by the ‘no no no no’ claim from Prasch, with one camp realising they’ve been fleeced by a Walter Mitty fake Jew, and the second camp being the ones who’ll work out their stupid explaination for why Prasch the “half-Jew” who ISN’T Jewish is still ‘magically’ Jewish (that being the grasping at straws of Prasch being Jewish via Pavia -which brings its own problems as Christians/Messianic Jews don’t qualify to make Aliyah, unless they were of the Jewish Talmudic Christ-denying religion, which means Prasch’s claims of becoming a Christian in New York, USA whilst at University before going to Israel years later doesn’t fit the timeline).
    For the Ultras it is the next level up in cultish thought, but they’ll be comically troubled by people reminding them of the failure in their belief. However, ridiculing them is likely to just cause the handful of Ultras to become totally locked into their fantasy and separate more from society.

  8. I posted this on the video ” Jacob Prasch talks about Moriel part 1 of 2″

    Well Jacobs spin all these years even had Amos believing Jacobs dad was a Jew! No No No says .Mr Prasch. Amos scratches head lol! From about 13 mins.

    Young Jimmy Prasch, “Dad I’m bored what can I do.’?
    Daddy Prasch, ‘ get down to that community centre run by those nice Jews, they have a youth club”.
    Jimmy Prasch, ” Does that make me a Jew Dad?’
    Daddy Prasch, ” you can be whatever you want to be son

    Also a comment I made on another video that had about 13 replys has vanished. They truly are snakes.

    I can see the comment from my account but when go in from another account it is not there.

    It also looks like somebody has stolen Tim Widths identity, posting nonsense under The simply agape account.

    I think they are rattled.

  9. @Fonzy. It does the same with me. I’ve posted several things but it only shows if I log in. In other words, he isn’t letting it go through.

    It does show my post when I reply to people.

  10. Prasch has driven someone close to suicide, and coerced suicide in the past 18 months. In 1998 he made up quotes from Elim leaders in Northern Ireland that they feared would make them terrorist targets. So who knows how many people Prasch has coerced/bullied in the 20 years between? My fear is someone may be driven by him to do something drastic, but who knows if since 1998 someone already has done something drastic because of the poisonous revolting old toad and his campaign of lies.

  11. Soon, Yacov will have to put out a “Judas kiss” rant concerning Amos.
    “ even though you were my favorite Praschite, go to, and hang yourself, er, I mean you might hang yourself. Blah, blah (in fake Jewish-American accent).”

  12. When Beavis Christi left the cult, Prasch probably wanted another person who’d be a boon to Moriel’s social media department. With Amos Farrell, instead of getting a boon he got a baboon.

  13. Perhaps Jacob is just literally running out of bodies to fill the positions of those in his camp he has tried to destroy, for whatever perceived threat to him; and or those who finally get it and run. As Jacob ages he loses the capacity to maintain the energy level it takes to control and rage. So he may, although reluctantly settle of less with Amos. Just a thought.

  14. Amos didn’t want to asnwer that because the answer would last week have been ‘Because he said so,’ but now he has to say Prasch’s dad ISN’T Jewish also ‘Because he said so’. Answering would cause him psychological pain as the answer undermines his belief in his leader.
    When Amos tells Prasch his father is Jewish in his fool video with him in his socks alongside Dracula, you can almost hear Amos’s Prasch-shaped heart break as Prasch throws him under the bus as a proxy for all who believed his 20+ year lies.
    Amos is such a chowderhead in that he just sits there and takes it. If he had half a brain he’d have defended himself. In that moment he was as bad as Bill Randles in December 2018 when Bill deleted his blog post at Prasch’s command, then rolled over and played dead.
    I do appreciate Amos filming himself looking crestfallen, because it has great comedy value like everything he produces.
    I wonder sometimes if he fathoms how responsible he has been for totally undermining Prasch at every move. If it wasn’t for Amos asking the questions and filming Prasch, Prasch could presently still just be ignoring the Jewish question (which is what a sensible liar would do) but thanks to Amos he has answered it and made it ten times worse!

    Does anybody have the slightest clue as to why Prasch sticks with Amos after all Amos has accidentally revealed about Prasch? It is truly baffling. And when Amos looks over his choices (the fake police document, the hiring of Dusty the fake theologian and criminal, the bovine conspiracy theory, the livestreaming of Pavia undermining Prasch, the livestreaming of Prasch screaming for 9 minutes at Deborah, and the Dracula video attacking Dave Borlase for what I did), does he think ‘Good efforts, good efforts!’? If he does he must be insane! 😀
    On Prasch’s gravestone it will say ‘Killed accidentally by Amos Farrell during an ill-advised witchhunt’.

  15. I commented on Amos’s video asking him why he believed Jacob’s dad was Jewish.

    I think he deleted the comment which is interesting, and also hypocritical as he has mentioned other people deleting comments from their website.

  16. Wow! I didn’t realize Yacov had the ‘Jewish’ warrior’ on there. I thought it was a spoof.
    Yeah, mentally ill to be sure.

  17. What’s even more disturbing is that Prasch, in the article, thinks he’s a “Jewish warrior” and his “methods” of attacking people will “eliminate” them. The man is a lunatic.

  18. The Moriel Quarterly is in pdf format, and the image above is layered. When you copy paste the image into a text application the t-shirt comes off, meaning your memory is correct and Lister must’ve retroactively covered Prasch up:

  19. Powerplaypause – I recall that picture of James years back, only he wasn’t wearing a shirt or long pants. He was dressed like some cave man. It was really gross.

  20. “He said he had no Bar Mitzvah but how many times has he said he’s been dipped and clipped?“

    Exactly! What other possible conclusion could one come to after hearing Yacov repeat this year after year. And our Fake Jewish teacher of Midrash thinks he can just clarify this like it’s some misunderstanding.

    The man isn’t just a false teacher, he’s obviously pathological and likely mentally ill.

  21. This video would be hilarious if it wasn’t so bad.
    He said he had no Bar Mitzvah but how many times has he said he’s been dipped and clipped?

    How long do you think Amos is going to last as the Moriel media man?
    I don’t think Jacob likes how much Amos talks, this is the Jacob Prasch show.

  22. Sandy Simpson said Prasch is Jewish. He was asked by me to provide supporting evidence. He didn’t. Marco Quintana stated in the 2019 Hayes Conference Prasch is Jewish. He was asked by me to provide supporting evidence. He didn’t. Amos calls Prasch’s dad Jewish to his face in the most recent video, clearly believing Prasch’s decades-long narrative. Beavis Christi believed Prasch was Jewish in 2017 when he posted this: https://powerplaypause.files.wordpress.com/2019/12/photostudio_1577660619179.png
    David Lister believes Prasch is Jewish if this stupid composite image and description of Prasch in a Moriel Quarterly which he edits is anything to go by:

    All these clowns are used to running away with fingers in their ears upon hearing dissonant information, but now the source of the dissonance is their own personality cult-leading screaming slob Prasch. It’ll be interesting to see how they respond.

  23. Yeah even Amos thinks he is Jewish and why is that? Because it’s exactly the picture Yacov has portrayed all these years. Then Jacob, with a straight face explains it away like it’s a misunderstanding. He is a total fraud.

  24. Sandy Simpson busted my chops about calling Yacov a fake Jew. I wonder what he would say now. 😬

  25. I found the comments and replies interesting at the bottom of the video on Amos Utube.
    It is interesting that Jacob denies a few things here that he said were true once. Those videos are still out there. Match up the videos and you have ‘ bingo’

  26. I noticed that the thread that Fonzy started has disappeared from the video!
    On the latest GCRTV video Amos Farrell states Praschs dad was Jewish before Jacob quickly cuts him off! Amos thought Praschs father was a Jew? Here is link. It starts at about 13.20 mark.

  27. Yeah Happy New Year to everyone and stay off the roads (here in America anyway) or you’ll get pulled over by the cops or hit by a drunk driver.

  28. Some believers leave a false teacher, then move on to another teacher. That teacher slowly introduces them to another teaching that turns out to be false. If believers would just follow 1 John 2:27 this would not happen. What part of that scripture is hard to understand? Sadly we live in a time when people want to be “The Holy Spirit “ instead of following Him. It will no doubt get worse.
    I wish all of you a blessed New Year and keep fighting for Truth. Thanks Mike & Pat for making available a place for victims to share experiences. I have a feeling that this site will continue to grow as believers start to wake up.

  29. The churches that allow and embrace people like Jacob/Moriel and other false teachers continues to warp the thinking of the minds of the congregants. To the point of what we are seeing today is a total disconnect of any logical reasoning of facts, scriptural and otherwise. It’s astounding to watch someone completely dismiss all evidence and cling to someone like Prasch as if his words/teachings and fruit are exempt from scrutiny and discernment. Many coming out of false teachings such as Charismania,WoF fall easily into this deception as it initially looks safe from what they came out of yet most still don’t have or use the tools of discernment to test ministries like this. Most have never been taught how to, that’s why they are susceptible and easy prey for these false teachers. The longer they stay in the cult and support the lies and falsehoods they less likely it is that they every come to the truth.

  30. I went on Amos Farrell’s YouTube channel/comment section as well, wow! Seriously, those that follow Yacov are cultish to the fifth power! I’m going to start calling them “Praschites”.
    Some of those people are well beyond echo chamber, they’ve down right zombies.
    Scary ☠️

  31. Hi Mike and Pat, I replied to that quote by Amos and suggested he was worshipping the wrong man. He hasn’t responded up to now.

    Amos really has given himself over to Prasch but also as tbckawaii commented elsewhere, Amos has really helped to expose Prasch with his complete ineptitude.
    God bless

  32. Was looking at some of the comments on Amos Farrell’s youtube and seen Fonzy’s comment and then Amos’s reply where he compares Jacob to Christ in essence saying we should just have “faith” and believe Jacob as we do Christ. Never mind all the scriptures and statements from Christ Himself that says to take heed that on one deceive you and to fact check everything so that we are able to discern good and evil.

  33. Thanks, Mandy. The thing that stood out most to me was Amos equating his standing up for Prasch’s argumentation with standing up for Jesus(!!!). Yeah, like Jesus commanded people to go into all the world and perpetuate lies and wickedness of an individual who exhibits no fruit of the Spirit, didn’t he?!
    The outworking of his faith in Prasch is severely cultic, yet he’s blind to it.

  34. Well done Tbc! Two things that stood out to me. One, JP appears to be jealous of David Nathan and the fact that he is a real Jew. David is Jewish and JP will never be. I remember from earlier videos that David was going to take over for Jacob at one time. Jacob being ‘ over burdened ‘ Jealousy?
    Number Two, JP’s lack of confidentiality. These people at one time helped him. No Christian throws a brother or sister under the bus to make a point. Throwing the woman’s name out there is a sure sign never to trust them. Of course a man picking on a woman is a sign of weakness and disrespect. He should have made his point without names.
    I saw many things in this Tbc, but those two really stood out! Thanks for your ministry!

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