THE PRASCH MENACE! ~ Treena Gisborn

I tell you, on the day of judgment people will give account for every careless word they speak, for by your words you will be justified, and by your words you will be condemned.” (Matthew 12:36-37).

Jacob Prasch Response to Dave Borlase IFB

Prasch and his small group of sycophants persistence in slandering David Nathan has now reached the point of utter tedium. If Amos Farrell and others are incapable of repenting, then it really is time they changed the record! Their continued attacks against David Nathan are both crass and vindictive considering the various false accusations against him have been successfully refuted time and again. Ironically, not one of Prasch’s shameful “enabling eight” {1} has mentioned Prasch’s false teaching that there will be no grace during the millennium and his agreement with David Nathan on this subject. {2} There is no doubt that Amos Farrell is a malicious witness. (Exodus 23:1).

David Nathan: “He (Jesus) is the creator. He is the one that created – but as we know from scripture, because God is a perfect unity they work as one – that Jesus did not act independently of the Father. Amen..” (12:00 mark). {3}

Moriel’s latest target is Dave Borlase (Intercessors for Britain). I am not a supporter of IFB.* However, I am in no hurry to believe Amos Farrell’s version of events concerning Prasch’s altercation with him.

Farrell’s duplicitous track record speaks for itself. Earlier this year Farrell claimed to be “Sergeant Amos Farrell Sr. Detective (retired) Scotland Yard Metropolitan Police, London (UK)”. {4} I contacted the Metropolitan Police and complained about Farrell’s gross inflation of his former position. Here in the UK, the rank of Sergeant is a junior position, only one rank above that of Police Constable, the lowest ranking police officer. There are no less than nine ranks above Sergeant in the Metropolitan Police! Farrell’s title would have been Detective Sergeant and certainly not Senior Detective! Unsurprisingly, apart from sending me a brief acknowledgement, the Metropolitan Police have done absolutely nothing to address this matter as far as I am aware. Apparently publicly misrepresenting oneself as a retired “Senior Detective” is not an issue for them!

None of my contacts has any knowledge of Dave Borlase’s alleged “rehashed version of events”. The only statement known to us is Borlase’s original post on FB dated the 5th of December warning about Prasch’s godless behaviour. {5}

Prasch’s Alleged Jewish Background

On the above video Prasch states: “I tell people my mothers family was Catholic. I tell people I had no Jewish background growing up except going to the Jewish community centre.” (16:45 mark)

Prasch has in fact claimed that he has a biological Jewish background on various occasions:

Prasch: “I have two first names – James and Jacob. When I was a baby they called me James. It was Anglicised from my father’s grandfather’s name, Ya’kov – Jacob. It is good that I have two first names because my family is a combination of two backgrounds – Irish Catholic and Jewish.” {6} On Prasch’s grandfather on his father’s side is George Conrad Prasch, and on his mother’s side it is Francis Joseph Connors. (password Ancestry).

Prasch refers to the time when he was a baby! In other words, his alleged biological background is Irish Catholic and Jewish.

Prasch: “Now I grew up in the New York area and I was sent both to a Roman Catholic school and the Jewish community center. I had brit milah, plus I was sprinkled as a baby.” {7}

Brit Milah [Hebrew: בְּרִית מִילָה] is a Jewish religious male circumcision ceremony performed by a mohel (a Jew who performs the rite of circumcision) on the eighth day of the infant’s life.

“Jacob’s family is a combination of Roman Catholic and Jewish. (In his youth he was forced to attend a Catholic school, but also attended the Jewish Community Centre.) Jacob’s wife Pavia, also from a science background, is a Romanian-born Israeli Jewish believer..” {8}

Attending a Jewish Community Centre in his youth relates to Prasch’s biological family. His wife’s Jewish background is mentioned separately.

In the above video, Prasch contradicts himself and waves around some vague papers that supposedly do give him a Jewish background after all!

Prasch now says that Brasch was his original family name, and he claims that it was changed to “Ellis Island” when his family came to the United States – all documented apparently! Ellis Island? Is he having a laugh, have I mis-heard him, or is it the Jack Daniels? “Brasch Name Meaning: North German and Danish: variant of Braasch. German: from a reduced form of the Latin personal name Ambrosius (see Ambrose).” {9}

There are Jewish families in Argentina with surname BRASCH. {10} Perhaps Prasch can make something up out of that!

If Prasch has taken advantage of the Law of Return (Hebrew: חֹוק הַשְׁבוּת, ḥok ha-shvūt) as he claims, then it would be due to his wife’s nationality rather than to his own supposed Jewish background. On the 5th of July 1950, Israeli law gave Jews the right to live in Israel and to gain Israeli citizenship. According to Wikipedia, in 1989 the Supreme Court of Israel ruled that Messianic Judaism constituted another religion, and that people who had become Messianic Jews were not therefore eligible for Aliyah under the law. {11} In order to establish the facts, it would depend upon when Prasch actually applied for Israeli citizenship. I challenge Jacob Prasch to publish the papers he was waving around on line so that we can verify his supposed Jewish background.

The Myth Of Lymphatic Oedema As A Cause For Non Dietary Obesity

Prasch briefly mentioned his medical condition on the video, and once again he hinted that lymphatic oedema is the cause of his gross obesity.

In 2017, Prasch blamed his obesity on “lymphatic fluid” in a video ‘The Sin of Gluttony’ {12}

Prasch teaches correctly that gluttony is addressed as a serious sin in the scriptures (albeit that he falsely excludes himself), and he has previously made reference to Bill Randles’ obesity.

Moriel (SA): “Like Bill Randles, Jacob Prasch battles with issues of health; specifically Lymphatic Oedema causing non dietary obesity. To function Jacob is reliant on certain meds, one of which has the side effect of oral dehydration affecting salvia secretion. He is not ‘foaming at the mouth’ but battling a disease. Such personal attacks only evade the factual and doctrinal issues.” {13}

I have done some research into the subject of lymphatic oedema as the cause of non dietary obesity. In fact it is not the case that lymphatic oedema causes obesity. Obese people suffering from lymphatic oedema are actually advised to lose weight as it is an aggravating factor. Prasch’s penchant for changing facts is truly astonishing!

NHS: “People who are obese, particularly those who are severely obese, have an increased risk of developing swollen body parts. It’s not clear exactly why this is, but it’s been suggested that the extra fatty tissue affects the lymphatic channels in some way, reducing the flow of fluid through them. In these cases, weight loss is an important part of treatment and even just starting to lose weight can make a big difference to the swelling.” {14}

* Intercessors for Britain compromised with Hope 08 which was ecumenical. {15}
Borlase is involved with ecumenical Heart Publications. {16}
Borlase’s manners leave a lot to be desired!
He was very rude and hostile towards me not so long ago and he has not bothered to apologise.
A good friend of mine who is also an apologist informs me that Borlase was also very rude to him.
On the above basis I will have nothing whatever to do with IFB or Dave Borlase.

Further information:

 Dracula Prasch and His Jewish Blood/Alcohol Levels from tbckawaii on Vimeo.

6. Jacob Prasch: Israel, The Church & The Jews 2008 page 263

4 thoughts on “THE PRASCH MENACE! ~ Treena Gisborn

  1. Thank you for updating this post Pat. I had no information about Dave Borlase/IFB prior to this situation with Prasch. I believe that the so called “rehashed version of events” credited to Borlase is fictitious. I asked Farrell to provide evidence on FB and he deleted my comment without answering. Disappointingly, it appears that IFB is another can of ecumenical worms. God bless.

  2. Jacob could well have been circumsised as a baby because that was common pratice in those days. And that is correct the edema is cause by Prash being over weight and sitting for long periods of time

  3. Thank you for posting again both.

    Correction – Prasch: “When I was a baby they called me James. It was Anglicised from my father’s grandfather’s name..”

    I have added a little further information about Prasch’s supposed Jewish background.

    Prasch: “Now I grew up in the New York area and I was sent both to a Roman Catholic school and the Jewish community center. I had brit milah, plus I was sprinkled as a baby.” {7}

    Brit Milah [Hebrew: בְּרִית מִילָה] is a Jewish religious male circumcision ceremony performed by a mohel (a Jew who performs the rite of circumcision) on the eighth day of the infant’s life.

    God bless.

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