24 thoughts on “Moriel Hasta La Vista Baby ~The Simply Agape Project by Tim Wirth

  1. Since I did report and share that Moriel did not file their 2018 990 I wanted to state they now have filed. Prasch has hit it out the ballpark! His 2018 IRS forms are in and he has paid himself $147,000 projects.propublica.org/nonprofits/organizations/980175401
    The 4 transfers to Moriel branches amounts to $132,222 which means he has paid himself MORE this in 2018 than all his branches combined! Jacob Prasch and David Lister are 2 of the biggest con men I have ever met. They have taken in some people that I once considered smart. So come to your own conclusions. This organization has told flat out lies that are easily disproved about me and many others. We need to just hand them over to God to deal with. They are very good at talking people out of money and if the organization continues to exist just be glad you are not part of it.-Tim.

  2. Regarding the issue of Jacob Prasch and his parentage: I had a sizable collection of Prasch CD’s, many of which came from Bill Randle’s web sight. These were teachings from years ago. I distinctly remember him saying on one CD that because of his upbringing being Jewish/Catholic, he was “both sprinkled and clipped”. (Catholic infant baptism and Jewish circumcision) I am 100% certain that was said, I had listened to most of his teachings several times over. I threw away all of his CD’s a few years ago. In one of those CD’s, he commented about his obesity, saying “I had an Italian girlfriend that made me pasta”. Obviously that was before his marriage, and long before his illness.
    How sad, that a man with some real talent never really walked in sanctification, which requires us to make choices, and continuously seek the Lord’s leading in our actions and our speech. Jacob’s physical and mental illness certainly appears to be increasing; I am guessing he has a real history of being on pharmaceutical drugs, and mixed with alcohol, that can only lead to a very sad ending.

  3. Hi everyone. I am backing out on commenting on Moriel. I don’t know what else to say. I have said and put out everything I can and will.
    As for the person (or persons) that used my name and a picture I am now working with local law enforcement to bring the individual to justice. I will press charges and beyond that, I cannot comment since it is now a criminal case.
    And these things can take a long time. Things will be handed over to law enforcement and the court system as well as local prosecutors to do what they do.
    I’m going to start my focus on Bethel and music in the church as well as try to build up other Christians and share the true gospel of Jesus Christ with a lost and dying world. Blessings in Jesus-Tim

  4. I don’t believe the Hartlines would get involved in this either. So, who is the Consistent problem? Linda. Tim displays no hate in his posts, just truth. Truth appears to be a problem for these people . I am curious if she was looked at in the ID thing? She appears to speak on behalf of everyone else all the time. A big issue, none of these ministries address these rouge dangerous people. It makes them look weak and silly. I personally find it difficult to take them seriously. They appear to have produced High School cheerleaders as disciples.

  5. We have been made aware that Richard and Cindy Hartine did respond to these allegations made by Linda in November 2019, when she had leveled these same charges then.
    The only reason. that this comment from Linda was approved is to reveal the truth of this matter which is not what Linda says. Ministries such as the Hartlines have no desire to be pulled into this type of drama and untruths such as Linda is spreading and including them in it.
    Richard Hartline knew nothing of this and called it fake news, we call it lies. Also Cindy stated she knew nothing of this either, back in November. Here we are in 2020 again, Linda has brought the same charges stating “ask Cindy”. You read above what Cindy and Richard both said in November 2019. Now the Hartlines have been contacted and informed of this being spread again by Linda.
    Here is a statement by Cindy when Tim left the “Discernment Ministry” group
    “Tim Writh had made a decision to leave the Discernment Ministry group in an effort to concentrate more on his Simply Agape Project. Thank you Tim for all your hard work in moderating the group on a daily basis! You will be missed. Sincere Blessings for your next endeavor!
    This is posted in public. Administrators group in this group.
    Anyone wishing to verify these facts may contact Richard and Cindy Hartline on their Facebook’s. Richard and Cindy are also more than welcomed to comment here also.

  6. Tim states he had not used any other names but his two we are familiar with.
    That is not true. Ask Cindy Hartline. He uses fake names to hurt others.As anyone from Cindy’s group he was in. He was caught.
    Tim is guilty of ever single thing in his video that he accuses others of doing. He is a narcissist.
    You take what he says and apply the exact opposite and there you will find the truth. He will turn everthing around when confronted.
    He does, in fact, hate Jacob Prasch.

  7. The troll using my ministry name and the nutty picture was one thing. But using my actual picture and name is actually criminal. YouTube has responded to me and I will be working with them and our local police to bring this person and any person who sanctioned this activity to justice. For anyone else, this ever happens to just so you know YouTube requires you to send a copy of a picture ID to make sure the person lodging a complaint is actually a real person. Blessings-Tim

  8. What is really funny is I just happen to be listening to an audio book about narcissism and the leader of this particular cult fits the description of one of the types, he really does. There is a sub classification where the narcissist will do benevolent things but it’s only for show, to draw attention to themselves, for their own glorification and when it will benefit them. I was shocked that in listening to the book I could see that this guy ticks all of the boxes, so to speak. I mean he had ALL the behaviors of a narcissist. They also talked about how much they hate being exposed and how they will go out of their way to hurt anyone who exposes them.

    Tim I really do hope you go after whoever is impersonating you. It’s terrible! People may honestly believe that it is you. Whoever it is, their behavior is lower than the Mariana trench.

  9. One might ask, what kind of fruit is Moriel producing? Answer, Rotten. Tim, pursue legal action, Identify thief is a crime. I am not sure how Jacob has gotten away with the things he says in England. They have strict hate speech laws there.

  10. They hurt their own cause because now that I have reported this to YouTube it may cause strikes against Amos’s channel because he allowed this to go on. Plus they were really stupid about it. Most rational people understand that you cannot use a person picture and name in the public. That’s identity theft. A really stupid move. There are enough fake names going around but to pretend to be someone else and you may have to learn to like the colour orange.

  11. The Downward Spiral of ‘Debate’ by Praschites:

    1) say all the evidence against Prasch is invalid as you have a “burning in my bosom Jacob Prasch is a man of God”.
    Failing that:
    2) divert the debate away from the evidence via introducing a red herring.
    Failing that:
    3) present a straw man.
    Failing that:
    4) use ad hominem.
    Failing that:
    5) use ad hominem and a red herring combined (i.e. ‘You are a coward as you use a pseudonym!’).
    Failing that:
    6) create a pseudonym and use ad hominem.
    Failing that:
    7) create a profile of a fake version of a Prasch critic to convince stupid people.
    Failing that:
    8) use the pseudonym to communicate with the fake version of a Prasch critic to make your views appear popular.
    Failing that:
    9) get hired as the new Moriel social media man to publicly do steps 1-5 in video format.
    Failing that:
    10) Plan to launch another bovine conspiracy theory that states Dave Borlase is the reincarnation of Nimrod.

  12. The line was crossed however when they used my actual name and likeness. Whoever did this can’t run from it because I am working with YouTube and they will identify to me who the person is. I will then prosecute to the full extent of the law as well as litigate against any ministry that can be tied to them. Hey, it could be a lone ranger who knows? YouTube will because they can’t run from this. I don’t care if they use my ministry name because that’s not trademarked. But when you use my actual picture and name well that is breaking the law. That’s a fraud.

    It’s identity theft and if found guilty the person will face jail time. And they will suffer the full consequences by the proper authorities once I find out who it is.

    Pretty crazy bunch though when seeing the actual evidence and they still cover their eyes.
    Purely demonic.

  13. Tim you have stood against their unfruitful deeds of darkness, so you can expect some kickback. They cannot deal with the arguments so they have to deflect and project their sin on others.

    Part of a comment to me on YouTube channel because I say Jacob is a proven liar.
    ‘But I pray that you repent from the spirit of witchcraft or sorcery, anti-Semitism, antichrist, hatred for truth, rebellion or apostasy, which you are reflecting, for your refusal to let go your hatred. Humble yourself and repent, and the Lord will restore you my friend, please.’ End Quote.

    Jacob Prasch has truly moulded disciples in his own image. This is cult behaviour on a par with the JW’s. I pray for them, they need to be set free.
    When talking to JW’s you can discuss scripture with them, the person of Christ and they will generally engage. If you turn the conversation to the Watchtower and it’s failings they immediately shut down and will not hear one word of negative information! Why? Because they are Idolaters who worship the Watchtower, the organisation is their God.

    Some of these people are Idolaters who have replaced Jesus Christ with Jacob Prasch.

    I am surprised they haven’t took the video down yet, Amos is either totally incompetent or he is a genius.
    Knowing some ex JW’s I know that some never recover when they get out, such is the damage done! Most want nothing to do with God after their experience. Those who get truly saved have a great deal to work through.

    When dealing with those in a cult it is good to stay on topic and not let them lead you down a rabbit trail.

  14. Mike, Pat and Tim, I agree, they seem to LOVE CHAOS! Who does that sound like? Anyone who calls them out is deemed to be satan (or satin as they can’t seem to spell, LOL). However, what is not funny is the damage they are doing. I am praying that people who truly follow the Lord will see through their charade. The people surrounding them are full of pride! I will be praying for you as they hate that you’ve called attention to their lying!
    I agree, it is stupefying! I did not see this level of immaturity in high school. Can you imagine what a non believer thinks when they look at the things that Moriel is doing and the insanity they are perpetuating? To me what they are doing is truly taking the Lord’s name in vain. They purport to represent Jesus? I have the distinct feeling that whatever is coming to that group won’t be pretty.
    I will be praying for you as this must be terrible. My stomach knots just reading their interactions!

  15. I have to agree Carrie, I’ve never seen anything like this either. It’s so stupefying that you’re not able to even process what exactly is happening. When you do, the only clear sound understanding coming from watching this play out is to , run from these types of people they are bent. Notice how there is no leadership or guidance from the ones that call themselves leaders, because even thought they are aware of what is going on, by regularly reading the comments themselves. They make no effort to stop the madness they must like it. What they fail to recognize nor comprehend is that it makes them look even more foolish than the ones actually producing the faked comments etc.

  16. And the people defending Moriel or calling me out just throw out general statements not backed up with hard facts, quotes and references. Kind of like what Jacob did in the Amos Farrell tape. Gotta love a close up picture of nothing. Or kind of like what the Dems did to Trump. All second-hand information. They were not even there. I’m not even sure why Jacob allowed Amos to let that video see the light of day. It tells the story though.

  17. O guess the thing that is even worse is that an actual church and a Moriel associate actually sanctions a certain internet troll as they go all over the place causing chaos and playing both sides. It’s nuts.

  18. Yea and the person who is imitating me now talk’s to the fake me. That makes it even weirder. It is really insane the double standard that goes on. That’s why I exited the conversations on YouTube. A lot of these people commenting are not spirtually or even mentally stable.

  19. The Moriel people seem to be impersonating other people (such as Tim) on line to stir up division. In all my years I’ve never seen anything like this. They are really sick people.

  20. Prayed a lot about this hope it came out through my response . I do not hate anyone.

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