6 thoughts on “Moriel booted

  1. Thank you, Mr. & Mrs. Rodgers. I’m lucky because I recognized something was off with my dad early on, sadly my two younger sisters were/are deeply affected in a negative way. The youngest has conversations with God and has even hallucinatied being married and Impregnated by one of her Sunday school teachers who didn’t even know her. And the rest of the time she is in and out of mental institutions.

    The other sister denies God altogether and has raised her kids the same. Her daughter who is the same age as my oldest is very militant in the LGBC movement.

    These are the consequences of rebellion against God as He has revealed Himself. And I’ve always thought the worst thing about hell would be to know you participated in leading your own children there, too! That’s hell.

  2. We are sorry you’ve experienced with your dad, Brian. Everything you’ve said is true and more when people refuse to accept the truth and rather accept and justify the lies. It always boggles the mind when you see others embrace out right lies and reject the truth.

  3. My father was a faithful follower of Paul and Jan Crouch (as well as a host of other false teachers) and he always excused their lavish lifestyles. However, when Paul Crouch was exposed as a closeted homosexual by Lonnie Ford, I pointed this out and my fathers whole demeanor changed in a flash. He literally became violent and was prepared to go to blows over this “Satanic attack” against a, “faithful and anointed man of God”.
    My dad was a cult follower just like his mother who worshipped Mary Baker-Eddy and neither escaped before they died.

    People don’t like it when you point out that their idols are mere men, and many of these men are in this for no other reason than the mighty dollar. Though with Yacov, I tend to think he likes being worshipped as he has quite the ego.

  4. Praschites have become invested in Prasch via giving him their time, respect, and their money. They have, over the years, made that stupid choice and now, with evidence of Prasch’s financial mismanagement coming out, they will experience what is known as ‘Post-Decision Dissonance’ which is the psychological pain of sensing we’ve made a wrong decision, and we’ll then try to combat that feeling by trying to change our perception of the bad choice by grasping at straws to make the choice seem, in hindsight, good, and thus reduce the dissonance. For a Praschite to hold so tightly onto Prasch despite all that has been exposed about him, suggests a rather large amount of investment has gone into him from the most Ultra-level Praschites, which is the end result of them tackling a LOT of psychological pain, i.e. “Oh no! Over twenty years I’ve donated £25,000 to Prasch and he maybe has just used it to line his pockets! That makes me a massive idiot. Therefore I’m going to force myself to believe he’s a man of God and hasn’t misspent the money, and if I succeed in that thinking then I never have to think about my OWN misspending of £25,000 in giving it to him in the first place.”
    I’d personally remind them of their error all the time to provoke the psychological pain in them. They have contributed to Prasch’s Satanic deeds, they have FINANCED them. If they don’t own up in this life, they’ll have to give an account to God, and He won’t accept their explaining it away to sound positive.

  5. Moriel has still not filed it’s 990 here in the US for 2018 and now it’s coming on 2019. Notice before they were booted out of the New Zealand Charities they did not file for 3 years. And when you expose this stuff to the Praschites they cry satanic attack. Amazing. I do not get what people do not understand here. And its evident Moriel is taking its finances under the radar. Retirement fund?

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