Sabbatical Time

We are taking some time off and commenting on the blog articles will be disabled next week. We have recognized for some time now that God was and is changing the direction of our path. We are very much aware that God will continue to bring others out of deceptions and reveal more of the false teachers that we and others have warned about on this blog. We also know that there will be much more exposed as time goes on and we will continue to pray for those whom God is using to accomplish this. If for any reason anyone would like to get in contact with us, here is our email address
We ask for your prayers as we go forward from here and know also that we continue to pray for those here that have become so dear to us. This in no way means we are hanging it up but a much needed sabbatical is in order.  God Bless and may the Lord keep you as the apple of His eye!
Blessings in Christ Jesus

Mike & Pat

2 thoughts on “Sabbatical Time

  1. Blessings Mike & Pat, We all need to spend more time seeking the Lord and asking for direction. Will be praying for you! Thank you for being there for others.

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