Epilogue: Jacob Prasch: $147,000 Salary For Witch-Hunts! ~ by tcbkawaii

This is certainly worth sharing. For those of us who have woke up to this deception this speaks to the total lack of spiritual and moral character of those in and affiliated with Moriel.  We are thankful to God for his mercy and grace in opening our eyes and the eyes of many more who have seen the error and deception from this organization, we continue to pray that others will see. God have mercy.


8 thoughts on “Epilogue: Jacob Prasch: $147,000 Salary For Witch-Hunts! ~ by tcbkawaii

  1. Keep in mind this statement was levelled at a woman who forwarded Johns message to me. So, if it is still there tomorrow, I’ll deal with it and it will be pretty public and direct
    Is that understood?” end quote. What a misogynistic pig Haller is. Moriels camp and its affiliates including Marco seems to have a problem with women and actively bully them. What a bunch of punks. I’ve heard first hand how Jacob speaks to his wife Pavia behind the scenes. What is the problem? This is not the way Jesus spoke to women.

  2. John Flubber Haller is an attorney so is used to arguing from a biased perspective on behalf of someone trying to convince a judge or a jury. Attorneys aren’t necessarily noble people as in every trial half of them are found to be arguing from the wrong perspective and manipulating facts to twist a person out of (or into) a situation. I don’t think Haller is “smart”. He’s a moron who filmed himself faking a prophecy update. A smart person doesn’t do that. A smart person doesn’t send a CAPITALISED [screaming] rant at a woman and then present himself on Sunday as a Christian leader.
    “A good name is to be chosen rather than great riches,” (Proverbs 22:1a).
    Haller doesn’t have a good name. He picked riches and continued association with Prasch the most evil, grotesque liar I’ve ever encountered, rather than aiming at having a good name.
    That minister in charge of Haller, Steve Mitchell, who must OK having Prasch beach himself yearly like a whale in front of his pulpit, has a lot to answer for, and his silence on the matter of Prasch’s behaviour has passed the point of being inexcusable considering FBC did more to promote Prasch to a wide audience than any other church. Whatever he says now to distance himself from Prasch is too late. On Friday 13th March he’s being added to the list of Prasch’s enablers, alongside Meno Kalisher who is appearing then alongside Prasch at his Northern Conference.
    As a side note, last year at the end of Prasch’s 2019 Northern Conference (a minute before his infamous 9-minute lying rant at Deborah [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8KXvxNOPjz8]) Prasch said in 2020’s conference they were hoping to have Daniel Ortiz the evangelist teach alongside him. Prasch had to get Meno instead. Good on Ortiz for having the wits to turn Prasch’s invite down. Shame on Meno for taking it.

  3. Also to set up my last comment know that I had blocked John Haller on Facebook, email and phone. Like I did to all Moriel people and affiliates. So notice how John’s comment is worded. This is John speaking to a female who forwarded the comment. What is it with these guys and the way they speak to women?

  4. In my opinion, Haller does this because he can. In-person he is pretty aloof to people he does not deem his equal in intellect. John is very wealthy as an attorney and Moriel have used him in the past to strong-arm people. Anyone hiring a mentally unstable person like Linda Macintyre as their media person he does not have his head on straight but will do it because no one will stand in his way. Here was his reply when I bought up Joe Schimmel being on God TV.

    Here is what happened and someone with half a brain that is not interested in promoting himself would realize.
    Prophecy in the New had a conference in 2016 at which Paul Maguire did a number of interviews. For example, here is a screen shot of Tommy Ice.
    that is the set that PITN used at that conference
    GOD TV was not even there
    The video was somehow given or sold by PITN or Paul Maguire to GOD TV. I suspect it was PITN as they have beenn having severe financial problems
    The GOD TV logo was added TWO YEARS LATER!!
    He did not do a video for GOD TV
    TIm is grossly misinformed
    It is clear that the God TV logo was added later
    These videos just magically appeared on GOD TV
    Tim needs to remove his posts on the subject or I will expose what is, at best, bad research
    Do you thin Tonmy Ice endorses GOD TV
    Give me a break
    Go to this page: https://www.youtube.com/user/GodTV/search?query=apocalypse
    All of those videos come form the 2016 Pikes Peak Prophecy Conference
    Are we to believe that all of those guys endorse GOD TV
    Why did Tim pick Joe out of that lineup
    His motives are self serving
    All of those videos from two years ago appeared on GOD TV two months ago,. WHy?
    If you knew, you would know that PITN is in desparate financial shape. They are selling stuff to GOD TV to make some money
    I guarantee it
    I know most of those guys in those videos. NOT ONE OF THEM, NOT ONE endorses GOD TV
    The way to deal with this would be for me to message tim but since he has blocked me I cannot
    So, if it is still there tomorrow, I’ll deal with it and it will be pretty public and direct
    Is that understood?
    I will not tolerate a good guy like Joe Schimmel being slandered. end John Haller quote.

    Now John was proved wrong by Joe’s own ministry Joe was on the show and Jor knew it was God TV. If Joe wanted t (and should have) found out what God TV represented he could have found out in 15 min on Google. Johns reply shows Haller’s conceit and utter arrogance. He is nothing more than a thug just like Jacob. Trying to show everyone else is ignorant except for smart guys like Haller and Prasch. And Prasch is not as smart as everyone thinks. He knows enough to add bits to any conversation. Most good con men have this attribute. And Hallers church continues to promote Moriel and Prasch even though Jacob has been proven to be a utter fraud. SMH

  5. Powerplaypause. You are exactly right. I remember all of that. This reading the news and calling it prophecy is getting old too. How can they say it is prophetic without backing it up with scripture? He gets away with that. What will they do in the end.
    It amazes me how so many believers have out grown Moriel. Maybe because we quit listening to JP and studied more ourselves.

  6. I think of what his former Moriel Australia admin Henry Sheppard said about Prasch in the late 1990s, that Prasch bitterly complained at the meagre gifts he was given for “teaching” in Australia.
    Because he wasn’t that well-paid for many years, he probably saw those he thought were making megabucks, and attacked them with a sense of legitimacy, but then his salary gradually rose and surpassed the people he once attacked!
    It is baffling that Prasch would get busted for lying about his salary one year, then at the end of it submit the vast ridiculous figure of $147,000 as his new salary, unless it gives him a narcotic-style rush to have people know he’s being so brazen.

    Also, remember in the Moriel Canada Conference 2019 where John Flubber Haller faked his prophecy update by going after the shamed James MacDonald pastor guy (https://vimeo.com/365471189), well one objection Flubber raised was MacDonald upped his salary suddenly when he moved to a new house with a larger mortgage. Well the year he said that Prasch had moved to a new house AND had upped his salary as the IRS form now shows! Such rank hypocrisy.

  7. I was thinking about all the times Prasch talked about preachers who were only in ministry for the money. Amazing that he didn’t mention himself.

  8. Trust me Jacob Prasch and David Lister are 2 of the biggest con men on the planet. Their time will come. But yes they are very good at talking people out of money

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