2020: The Year Moriel Arrived at 1984 — PowerPlayPause



Due to the destruction of cult leader Jacob Prasch’s Jewish facade, the accidental cause of that destruction—Prasch’s ultra fan Amos Farrell—has ramped up his propaganda effort to strengthen the two remaining pillars of belief in the cult by creating an hilarious cartoon TV set for Prasch to scream from for an hour and a half, […]

via 2020: The Year Moriel Arrived at 1984 — PowerPlayPause

4 thoughts on “2020: The Year Moriel Arrived at 1984 — PowerPlayPause

  1. Very true. And the biggest concern is that although they can’t discern (hence their inability to spot the obvious deeds of the flesh/rotten fruit in Prasch) they wholeheartedly believe they are under the best discernment teacher in the world with Prasch!
    Point out the reality to them and they grip all the tighter to Prasch and his objectively rotten fruit. He’s their guru. He’s Maharishi Mahesh Prasch Yogi.

  2. The concern here is that Prasch once again is targeting mostly those coming out from the false teachings of charismania. Anyone coming out of a false teaching are easy prey unfortunately, if you have learned the buzz words as Prasch has. Many haven’t healed or know how to heal from the hurt. Add to that the fact that those coming out have had no solid scriptural foundation laid within them, as in any false teaching, scripture is cherry picked and twisted. They’ve not been trained in how to test or try anything…easy prey and Prasch knows this.
    Give them one verse or statement that speaks to their hurt and pain and more often than not they follow. Prasch appeals to the hurt turned to anger in them. It stands to reason since we look for comfort and healing from our pain. Many fall into this trap due to not being trained to discern.

  3. The Prasch cult is populated with socially awkward oddballs. Considering it tends to be that type who arrive on trips to the Holy Land with their weird Jewish obsession that manifests in some of them faking it and calling themselves Jews or half-Jews, then it’s no wonder Jews don’t like Christians! I’d think Christians were nuts too if the only ones I met were the lunatic fringe associated with Prasch and other Jonathan Cahn/Mark Biltz types with their fool “unlocking” scriptural “mysteries” like wannabe gurus.
    It makes me wonder—when Prasch claimed to be a missionary in Israel—how many Jews he screamed at and tried to destroy with his illogical failed arguments? If he damaged Christians in his nihilistic approach to dealing with people who didn’t agree with him inside the church, then how many Jews did he treat the same way outside the church?
    How many Jewish teachers did he lie about and slander publicly if he freely lies about and slanders Christians?

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