The Deliverance Delusion Book ~ by Patrick Rhodes

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After 6 ½ years, I am thankful to announce the completion and publication of my book:

The Deliverance Delusion, Exposing The Curse Deliverance Myth

It went live today on Amazon; however, it takes a few days before all the information and book cover images will be properly populated. Amazon explained the process to me today when I called them, feeling somewhat distressed at the blurry image of the book cover. Nevertheless, the link above will take you to the paperback version.

The Kindle version is available by preorder now and will go live March 10, 2020. Here is a link:

Kindle Version: The Deliverance Delusion

The sequence of events that led to me writing this book could not have been more unusual. In fact, I had no intentions of writing a book about curse deliverance. Initially, I set out to write a 20-page booklet on the subject simply to address some of the crazy notions about curses and deliverance.
I must have completed 25 or 30 pages when I realized I would have to press on and expand the subject to perhaps 60 pages. Not long after that I realized I would have to settle in and commit to a bigger project than I had first assumed it would be.

While this book is not a long read, it took me a long time to complete it. Part of the reason for that is the lack of literature about Biblical curses. Now, my last statement is not true when considering the broad scope of the subject. There are in fact so many books about curse deliverance on the market that I could not ascertain an accurate count. Most of these books offer a smattering of Scripture passages to support the belief in curse deliverance—but they don’t really deal with the issue properly. I had an almost impossible time finding scholarly works on the subject. I spent considerable effort just trying to get a simplified definition of a biblical curse to no avail. This after writing and calling bible scholars and seminaries. As one bible scholar told me recently, defining biblical curses is somewhat like trying to slice a bucket of water because of the varied ways we find curses mentioned in the Scripture. I found this to be true.

This book is about supernatural curses. I have addressed what Scripture says about how supernatural curses have, are, or could affect someone and whether we should seek deliverance from them. So, to borrow from the bucket of water analogy, I have boiled out the most prominent false arguments and ideas about supernatural curses and have shown how they do not line up with the teachings of Jesus Christ or the Apostles.

None of the preceding addresses the question of why I wrote it, however. The answer is both simple and complex. The simple answer is I believe The Lord called me to write it. It is very uncomfortable for me to say this. I suspect someone may read that and think,

Oh, so he thinks he hears from God so clearly that he can pen it to paper and we should all consider it holy writ.

Rest assured; I think nothing of the sort. Now, I could answer the question by explaining that I found myself embroiled in online debates on the subject and decided that I should clarify the truth of the matter by writing a book on the subject. That would not be a completely untruthful thing for me to say. It would not, however, be a complete answer.

The full truth is I found myself presenting arguments about curse deliverance online and believe that God moved on me to write a book. The day I believe He did this, I obeyed and committed to it—my complaints to Him notwithstanding. Yes, I did complain to Him that I was not capable of writing such a book. Yes, He did tell me to shut that up.

So, you have my best attempt at obeying what I believe He called me to do. There is nothing more important to me than properly representing Him and His Word. I can with full honesty claim that this book represents my very best effort at doing just that. However, as we all know, none of us are capable of perfectly representing His truth in as much as our very efforts, while possibly strenuous are in themselves imperfect. As you read, glean what is His truth and please forgive the rest.

Patrick Rhodes

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