19 thoughts on “A Jacob Prasch Caper 21 Years in the Making) ~ tbckawaii

  1. It looks like all of tbckawaii videos on vimeo have been removed? Does anyone know why? I would imagine it had to be do to Prasch or Chavez.
    Thank u

  2. So Amos has various exposés made about him and his ‘Lord’ Prasch, and all he can muster in defence is to sit in his socks on his sofa moaning about me criticising them both! He has that whole film studio and doesn’t bother filming himself actually interacting with the exposés or attempting to disprove the info I present. Prasch employs him as his filmmaker, but neither of them interact with the exposés, they just use ad hominem by calling me “a notorious coward” and “a crazy person”, throw out a red herring or two, then a smoke bomb, and then run away!

    Amos, if you ARE monitoring this website: You KNOW you cannot interact with anything I’ve presented because it’s all TRUE. If by your own admission via the resounding white-noise-esque silence you emit on the topic that you cannot defend him, why then do you persist with your adulation of Prasch? Well, doubtless you’d immediately be savaged by Prasch and witch-hunted by him if you up and left, but at least then you’d be on the side of truth rather than in this ludicrous frantic effort of bailing out the Prasch Titanic AFTER it has already sunk to the seafloor.

  3. Everyone needs to look at this like Prasch and Lister.
    They do things when they are to their benefit.
    Sure they monitor things but they never answer questions from people because they think they are above everyone else. Including you. But if you give them heads up about shoddy filming they listen.
    Because it’s about keeping their waining popularity and the money it brings Lister and Prasch.
    Lister is a lot more shrewd about his personal dealings and probably tore what’s left of his hair out when he saw the videos made by Amos.
    Lister told both me and Sandy different stories about his secular business.
    He also told totally different stories to 2 other people I know as well.
    So who knows.
    Lister keeps his card closely held to his chest
    They will deny this but their actions speak louder than words.
    Kinda like giving a pastor an ok and gaining an attorney he can use for free.
    And Lister and Prasch think this is ministry.
    They have totally fooled themselves into thinking they are untouchable.
    I can tell you Jacob seldom watches his own videos he waits until he gets a heads up from someone or sees someone he is monitoring.(That may have changed since he is stranded at home).
    And if it will make him look less like a fool he will change things.
    Trust me he is already trying to figure out a way to get rid of Amos.
    Maybe that’s why he teamed up with Josh again. I don’t know or care but that’s the way these guys operate.
    I was reminded all the time by these 2 thugs about how lucky I was getting 500 a month based on about 60 hours of work a week.
    A real gravy train yes indeed.
    The real thing is Jacob and all his cohorts are rapidly running out of time.

  4. If Prasch is reading these blog comments, then I can ask him
    1) why were you cybersquatting the South African Government trying to hawk them 3 crap websites for $350,000 a pop?
    2) How did those 3 secular “business” websites generate the income to finance your children’s private education AND law school as you claim they did, when during that time were they all mirrors of the Moriel website as recorded by archive.org?

    In fact I’ve a few other questions I’ve been waiting a while for answers on:

  5. So Prasch has posted the Amos video on his Moriel TV channel, but has edited out Prasch’s x-axis stretched head/zeppelin footage ENTIRELY so now it is just text and slides to hide it (https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=TYlNm5J2BrY)
    Hardly the evidence of Amos’s superior film skills is it when, just like the 2020 Moriel Northern Conference, Amos leaves the footage of Prasch entirely unusable so Prasch can only use the audio. Amos is a baboon.

  6. deagah stated”Not that I’m interested in helping a false teacher, but… if I were close to Jacob I would advise him in the strongest terms, to STOP defending his crimes in public forums altogether! He is completely destroying what tiny bit of credibility he might have left.

    If it were a crime to use ministry monies to put his kids through school he has given a jury irrefutable evidence he is guilty. And Amos, Wow! If I were a criminal I would be thankful if he was on the case😂😂😂’
    That’s correct and the reason why people are humiliated and kicked to the curb when the opportunity arises.
    That’s what happened to me and no regrets that I am out.
    Jacob was upset when I would over edit but you just can’t call people crazy cat ladies on film.
    And Jacob rejects any correction.
    This is an older story but Jacob wanted to do a video on music and he stated he wanted me to play a paradiddle on a drum.
    Jacob then demonstrated what he called a paraddle by tapping something on the counter. What he did could maybe be compared to what drummers call a ruff or a drag but it was not a paradiddle.
    I then demonstrated what a paradiddle was.
    It’s simply L R L L R L R R a very basic rudiment
    Jacob dug in and insisted it was the way he played it and stated I was playing it wrong.
    LOL sorry, I have played the drums for over 45 years now (not to brag it’s just what I do) and still actively teach.
    Jacob threw a fit and so much for the music in the church video.
    Its probably why Jacob called me a failed musician in the latest rant filmed by Amos aimed at me.
    Jacobs ego and pride cannot stand correction.
    I have been inside Moriel and if you think people correct Jacob your wrong.
    They may try but if they do not back off they will go unlike guys like Haller who Moriel can use for free legal advice and pressure on others.
    That’s why Jacob probably states “God is my Teacher”.
    And that’s as subjective of a statement as it gets because Jacob as developed a god in his own mind that does what Jacob wants
    Very scary place to be!
    Isaiah 14:14
    14 ‘I will ascend above the heights of the clouds;
    I will make myself like the Most High.’

  7. Look at Amos’s studio. He has all the professional gear, the editing suite and FIVE screens.

    Editing suites are used by trained people to make films better. However when Amos runs a film through one it comes out the other end even worse. Then it appears he runs it through again, messes it up more, exports it worse again. Then he does it again until he produces an unwatchable Ed Wood-esque pile of steaming cinematic dung.

    You can give a baboon a typewriter but it’ll never use it to write a story, it’ll only defecate on it.

    My absolute favourite moment in Amos’s films is the Moriel Part 1 video where Prasch, dressed as Dracula, fumbles his aquamarine A4 information pouch, and turns a page to the screen, and Amos, filming at poor resolution pauses and zooms in to the important “proof” Prasch is Jewish (which in reality is only proof his Jewish wife made Aliyah and took her Irish-American Jack Daniels sponge with her), and at 720HD this is the result:

    If Amos was satisfied with that as evidence then it shows that in the Prasch Cult’s echo chamber you don’t need actual evidence or the need/clarity to fact check, you just need to present a vague blur and that’s sufficient for the cult members. It’s laughable. Prasch could have held up a blurred receipt and said “I have all the evidence I’ve never bought Jack Daniels” and the cult members would have looked at the blur and automatically believed it.

    The willful blindness Prasch demonstrates with his elevating of Amos despite Amos clearly having 2 hamfisted left hands, is similar to his willful blindness when it comes to not seeing his lack of Fruit of the Spirit and elevating his extreme godlessness as a virtue.

  8. Lol and Jacob is his rant about me saying they got rid of me (which was a lie but thank God I’m out)
    Jacob stated I did substandard work. Wow seeing Amos’s work is pretty amazing
    Josh always did good work except for editing error out but at least his filming looked decent
    Keep on filming Amos

  9. Have you seen Amos Spielberg’s latest calamity on GCR TV? The fool has accidentally stretched Prasch’s head across the X axis and made his head look Zeppelin-esque.

  10. The comedic genius of Prasch is to criticise you falsely for poor workmanship in your videos of him up to spring 2018 IN A VIDEO in which the shoddy workmanship in editing means Prasch’s face CHANGES DIMENSION multiple times (all whilst at potato-grade resolution) and the audio setting changes several times due to his new filmmaker Amos Farrell having zero grasp of filmmaking/editing/sound-capture to start with. The same Amos Farrell who made the ridiculous fake greenscreen filmstudio from earlier in the month for Prasch to inhabit making him look like an hilarious gigantic bloated child at a tiny elementary school desk. The same Amos Farrell whose greenscreen abilities left Prasch jarringly losing arms and the top of his head throughout the same video. The same Amos Farrell whose understanding of lighting and colour frequently renders Prasch’s face a blotchy gray and pink like a slab of pork. The same Amos Farrell whose interview skills are such that he sits like The Hunchback of Notre Dame or Golum hunched over in his socks at one end of a sofa whilst his interviewee barely wants to make eye contact. The same Amos Farrell who doesn’t have the wits to cut out Prasch’s eye-opening and highly revealing body language when he asks him questions about finances. The same Amos Farrell who films Prasch’s 2020 Moriel Northern Conference at a resolution and bit-rate his memory card can’t process that ruins the ENTIRE output from the conference rendering it unwatchable causing Prasch to have to post just the poor quality audio on his video page.

    Amos is a filmmaking Philistine.
    Prasch is an imbecile.
    Watching the pair of idiots go on the attack in that hamfisted piece of crap video is to watch an accidental masterpiece in self-refutation.
    The argument from Prasch is the equivalent of pointing out someone’s bad driving on a yonder freeway from the vantage point of a car rolling over in flames off a cliff.

  11. Here are my two cents because in the original video Jacob takes the time to actually name me and then throw me under the church bus. I’m not going to defend my films. Out of 640 videos, I did pretty well and he let Sergio from Marco’s church go because his turn around time was not as good as mine. Even though that’s not the story Sergio got. Its very plain to see they never let me go and I challenge them to produce one email where they ever told my work was sub-standard. I don’t have one. Again Jacob representing Moriel also stated they kept bailing me out. Yes, I did ask for advances sometimes. And those were paid back by them limiting my $500.00 a month. Yes, that’s $500.00 a month American dollars. I worked at a local radio station here in my town and was let go because the owner saw no future in me because of my wife Donna has Alzheimer’s. At the time Donna could be left home alone so this never affected my work. I really took it quite hard when Jacob suggests in the tape that Donna may not even have Alzheimer’s. Jacob knows that’s not true he has been around Donna and even his wife Pavia took time to comfort and pray with Donna after we would film via Skype. What kind of person takes shots at a wife with Alzheimer’s? The 500 per month was referred to later as Tim’s gravy train? Lol really? It was rubbed in my face constantly about the 500 they paid me monthly and that I was the highest-paid volunteer in Moriel and I should be grateful. This was mainly David Lister doing that who is Jacobs Frank Nitti. Jacob also doubles down on the tape that they give everything away for free. That’s a bald-faced lie. Yes, they have given away books and tapes to people if they were short on money from time to time. But David Lister was in the habit of actually trying to make a deal at the table then to just give it away. Yes, they did on occasion give away a minuscule amount of tapes or even a book now and then. But everything had a price tag on it and still does. When Jacob refers to the free download stuff that’s just the teachings on the internet. And the purpose of that is to generate more hits on the internet. Often individuals had more hits than Moriel TV had (even when Josh took over) so the purpose was to spread the word to drive more people to the Moriel site. Not sure why Jacob suggested to google Brash and then spells the name out. If you google Brash and South Africa it takes you to a Catholic dating site which is linked to a porn site. Not sure why Jacob said Brasch and then stopped short of saying that was his real name. And not sure if The Brasch group is connected in any way to Moriel or Prasch. I did take Jacob’s suggestion to google and found the dating site so..To take the cake Jacob suggests I may want to sue him and baits me. Why? What kind of money would any kind of lawsuit produce? And why would a Christian sue another Christian? That was weird. Hey, Prasch is pretty much in everyone’s rearview mirror but why would a guy who states over and over that he knows nothing about computers, the internet etc.. be involved in a internet business? Jacob would often call Lister at all times of the day and night to ask him how to simply download a file. And from having inside access to the inside of Jacobs computer through the help of Jacobs internet guy Koshy Abraham and the app team Viewer I can tell you Jacobs viewing and internet practices are far from kosher. So yes I’m glad they kicked me off that gravy train lol. Even though they never did God and His mercy freed me from that cult. Special thanks to Amos Farrell for bringing all this to light and stretching out Moriel jpegs using lower thirds so his socks do not show. Ace work there Amos. SMH Keep on making these informative videos. Thess 2:1111, For this reason, God will send upon them a deluding influence so that they will believe what is false,

  12. Pride and boasting have driven Prasch to this place. What type of tomfool boasts about his financially spectacular secular career and then gives evidence for it not existing?!! Total Walter Mitty! He just said it to puff from his narcissism inhaler

    You wonder what that grinning idiot Marco Quintana is thinking when he watches it all, since he’s on the Moriel board. It’s meant to be him and David Lister who are helping govern Moriel and advise their “president” Prasch. Although Prasch probably doesn’t listen to them.

    I must say I do like how Prasch’s credibility has been sacrificed on the altar of Amos’s sofa.

  13. Not that I’m interested in helping a false teacher, but… if I were close to Jacob I would advise him in the strongest terms, to STOP defending his crimes in public forums altogether! He is completely destroying what tiny bit of credibility he might have left.

    If it were a crime to use ministry monies to put his kids through school he has given a jury irrefutable evidence he is guilty. And Amos, Wow! If I were a criminal I would be thankful if he was on the case😂😂😂

  14. Yeah, Prasch and Amos are a couple of fools, truly!
    Jacob must’ve been drunk to claim those websites were his source of income. Didn’t he realize records would reveal it was “Moriel” that paid his kids tuition?!
    What a complete moron! Truly unbelievable! Clearly he is either the stupidest man alive or he IS drunk!

    Mind boggling!
    You can’t make this stupid up !

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