Sunday Fellowship during COVID-19 lock down ~ David Nathan

It’s difficult to find balance and stability in times like these. Particularly from a scriptural perspective and with actual Scripture used and not just alluded to. Seems many are over shooting the mark or their mouths. Media, politics, religion for the most part all stir the anxiety and fear of many, rather than comfort, teach  and strengthen. Conspiracy theorists and doom Sayers go off into the twilight zones of terror and fright. The longer the stay at home/shelter in place goes the more fearful and out of control many become. This is a very well balanced scriptural look at where we are at today. Thank you David Nathan.


2 thoughts on “Sunday Fellowship during COVID-19 lock down ~ David Nathan

  1. The huge problem with Christians is everyone thinks they are an expert now and they spread disinformation fear-mongering posts. Even if George Soros was head of the Illuminati and they all wear Jesuit robes and meet in a Masonic Lodge what are you going to do about it?
    Please, people.
    Keep your eyes on Jesus, noses in the scripture and use your mouth to share the gospel and you will be fine.

  2. Spoke with David via Skype today. He is in South Africa so it is a 5 hour time difference so for EST it would be 4 am Sunday. I would recommend subscribing to his YouTube channel and watching it later. I will also be posting all the teachings on The Simply Agape Project FB page. If you are up early or home from work late. it is a good solid service and David allows questions as well during the sermon and after when they are live.

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