Prophecy Updates? Really? Or just Current News Reports! ~ Tim Wirth

Thanks Tim and God bless. Certainly a timely word for today, which is filled with “fake news”.




6 thoughts on “Prophecy Updates? Really? Or just Current News Reports! ~ Tim Wirth

  1. Interesting enough I was around when Steve Mitchell (a decent preacher) was bought into the fold of Moriel blessing John Haller and Fellowship Bible Chapel. My friend Mike Oppenheimer was thrown under the bus by Haller and in my opinion, Steve Mitchell just seems to be an opening act for John to further his platform. Useful idiot? You decide. Plus they use a person who has less than a clue and just listens to lies, gossip, rumours and Moriel narrative to feel like they got the inside information thereby fulfilling the persons need to feel useful even though the person has no idea about the actual numbers and the decline of Moriel and Fellowship Bible Chapels views. Numbers don’t lie but people do. #paddingthenumbers, #doesnthaveaclue, #gossepmonger, #lies, #liar, #eatasalad,#falseID,#hashtag

  2. Jeremiah 5:31
    31 The prophets prophesy falsely,
    And the priests rule on their own authority;
    And My people love it so!
    But what will you do at the end of it?

  3. Despite the wild speculation you see online, we have not seen the arrival of the Antichrist as a major political force on the world stage. We have also not seen the covenant with many yet. Therefore,

    We have not seen the opening of the first seal yet.
    We have not seen the events described in Revelation 6 occur yet.
    We still await the opening of 7 seals, the sounding of the 7 trumpets, and the pouring of the 7 vials.
    Prasch is just going nuts being stuck at home and not being able to travel like a rock star
    He is grasping at straws as his numbers (which do matter to him) slip through his fingers.
    Being a textbook narcissist Prasch needs the adulation and worship of others just like the rock start he envisions himself as.
    Cancelled conferences and failing numbers will not feed the beast
    Trust me he will not last long this way unless he repents and turns toward God

  4. The people I speak about in the video 2 post videos one has one of the biggest conspiracy theory blogs I have even seen. And the reason its really sad is that there is no joy of the Lord in the person’s blog or it would seem the person either. When you spend so much time in darkness instead of the light of scripture that happens. Plus you are helping no one pointing them toward the foolish conspiracy theories and websites. If you want to help people share the gospel and turn Christians toward their bibles instead of all the foolish rabbit holes this person goes down. SMH

  5. No need to worry about coronavirus any more – Kenneth Copeland has dealt with it!!

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