GASLIGHT ~ tbckawaii

“In mid June 2020, Jacob Prasch decided to record a personal message to famous prophecy teacher and frequent victim of Prasch’s attacks Jan Markell–uploading it for his own 31,000 followers as well of course–in which Prasch “apologises” to Jan for his railing behaviour toward her, so I speculate he’s getting sued so he’s having to grovel to her, however Prasch can’t sustain the grovelling for the whole 16 minute segment and reverts to form almost immediately and hilariously begins blaming HER for HIS behaviour. Prasch also blames JD Farag and Amir Tsarfati. Prasch then begins altering the gas lamps to psychologically manipulate Jan, throwing out straw men as he works his 0% Jewish magic on her.
Also Prasch’s pet baboon Amos Farrell makes a scene-stealing cameo.”

Video is available per the above link.

6 thoughts on “GASLIGHT ~ tbckawaii

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  2. Someone really ought to tell Prasch that Bill Gates and Trump are crypto Jews… but I am sure he knew that already!

  3. Jacob reminds me of a guy who received little to no attention growing up. His over exaggerated resume screams that. No doubt he was the kid picked on in the school yard. (Maybe by Winston Churchill) or someone else out of his league and age group. Maybe Jacob fancies himself as a time traveler Lol.
    I agree with Treena on Jan M. The pre-trib doctrine cannot be proven in scripture. The rabid response of the pre-trib people for questioning their position is terrible. You get ad hominem attacks with no scripture. Jacobs position appears to be this “ you agree with my interpretation of scripture or your a heretic. “ That’s his idea of discernment. It’s not agreeing on the biblical text, it’s agreeing with him.
    Having said this, I am thankful for this video. Jacob left unchecked for awhile could be a mistake . That’s for posting tbc!

  4. Just had to smile… On the original video
    Prasch states that he went to the same High School and Jewish Community Centre as “Bad Boy Barney” aka Barney Frank from Massachusetts. “We went to the same high school and to the same Jewish Community Centre”. Barney Frank was born in 1940 which him 81 years old.
    Prasch: “So did Arthur Burns, the former Chairman of the Federal Reserve. He went to the same school and the same Jewish Community Centre as I did as a kid.” Arthur Burns died at 73 years old in 1987 (1904-1987).
    Prasch gives the impression that he personally knew these two men! I think that Prasch is in his 60’s? I am sure he has a get-out clause because he did not actually state categorically that he knew them personally.. a bit like he never directly said he was half Jewish!
    God bless

  5. I have to say it.. I don’t like name calling on any level, whether it is Prasch calling Jan Markell “Jezebel”, or tbckawaii calling Prasch a “knuckle head” or a “chuffing imbecile”.
    Prasch has no room to criticize others! Prasch’s intra-seal nonsense is a confusing mishmash between pre-trib and pre-wrath. I notice he doesn’t talk about intra-seal these days!
    Olive Tree Ministries is completely immersed in the lethal pre-trib rapture deception. All the Jan Markell videos I have seen aggressively promote pre-trib – this is why I do not support her.
    Should the timing of the rapture it be a cause of division? I will not associate with rabid pre-tribbers – this doctrine cannot be proved in the scriptures. In my view, pre-trib is very likely a major cause of the “falling away” described by Jesus in Matthew 24:10 ~ it does need to be challenged!
    God bless

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