Jacob Prasch – moving out of your calling – covering in ministry – antisemitism in the church.
17 Jun 2020

An interesting turn of events has developed between Jacob Prasch and Jan Markell (Olive Tree Ministries). As tbckawaii has observed, Prasch never apologizes, and I think that tbk may be correct in his assumption that Jan Markell is either suing or else threatening to sue him. {1}

Going back to the Prasch’s video..

Prasch’s attack against Amir Tsarfati continues and is as virulent as ever. To dwell on someone’s error for no other reason than defamation purposes is utterly wicked. Tsarfati publicly recanted his teaching that Michael the Archangel was a Christophany some time ago. It would only be justifiable to repeat the error if he had not recanted it. Prasch has never recanted his own false teaching that the occult figure the Metatron was a Christophany, but that doesn’t seem to enter into the equation! {2} By graphically regurgitating Tsarfati’s error and airing the particular video clip is nothing less than character assassination. John the Revelator was in error when he fell at the feet of an angel to worship him. (Revelation 19:10). Paul rebuked Peter for hypocrisy in his dealings with the Jews. (Galatians 2:11-21). This proves that none of us are infallible. Our purpose and intention, should always be to build one another up and restore a brother or sister who has gone astray: Brothers, if anyone is caught in any transgression, you who are spiritual should restore him in a spirit of gentleness. Keep watch on yourself, lest you too be tempted.” (Galatians 6:1). 

Prasch’s toxic attack against Tsarfati consisted of a series of backhanded compliments in which he attempted to belittle the man and destroy his ministry. He described Tsarfati as “a tour guide in Israel” and “a good political commentator in light of biblical prophecy”. He continued his rant for seven minutes, repeating in various ways that Tsarfati is not a competent bible expositor and positing that he has moved “out of his gifting and calling”. Prasch may think he has perfected the art of asteism (the ingenious manner deriding others), but his nefarious motives were not difficult to decipher.

As a native Israeli and a tour guide, Tsarfati has valuable knowledge that many Christians do not possess. It would be impossible for him to commentate prophetically on the political situation in Israel without benefitting from some scriptural insight! As with all teachers, we should always test what Tsarfati teaches against the scriptures. (1 John 4:1). Given Prasch’s own track record of false teaching and bad fruit, he is in no position to belittle anyone else’s ministry! (1 Timothy 3:2-3).

Prasch employed exactly the same tactics on Jan Markell later in the video, possibly (?), as tbck supposes, in order to fend off a lawsuit (15:31 mark). I share the dubious distinction with Jan of being called “Jezebel” (and other terrible things) by Prasch. He really does need to be brought to account for his libelous slander against others. (Psalm 140:11). If Prasch were a genuine Christian, I would not agree with a lawsuit, but since there is a huge question mark over his salvation, then Jan may be correct in taking this course of action, if indeed this is what this is about. I will not add anything more to tbck’s assessment, although I do not agree with his modus operandi at times.

I profoundly disagree with Jan Markell, JD Farag, Amir Tsarfati and others regarding the pre-tribulation rapture doctrine. {3} Their minds are closed to the scriptural proofs that Christians will go through the great tribulation. (Matthew 24:9-10). The pre-trib doctrine is based on false hope. This lethal error will cause many to stumble during the coming persecution and I fear for those who teach it. (Mark 9:42).

Prasch’s Habit Of Misleading Others

Prasch states that he went to the same High School and Jewish Community Centre as “Bad Boy Barney” aka Barney Frank from Massachusetts. “We went to the same high school and to the same Jewish Community Centre”. Barney Frank was born in 1940 which him 81 years old.

Prasch: “So did Arthur Burns, the former Chairman of the Federal Reserve. He went to the same school and the same Jewish Community Centre as I did as a kid.” Arthur Burns died at 73 years old in 1987 (1904-1987).

Prasch gives the distinct impression that he personally knew these two men! I am sure he has a get-out clause because he did not actually state categorically that he knew them personally, perhaps in the same way that he gave the strong impression that he was half Jewish without explicitly stating it.

 Rick Wiles – Replacement Theology

Towards the end of the video, a further Prasch rant ensues about Rick Wiles (Trunews) for his heretical anti-Israel stance. Prasch states that many people in positions of world power are not Jews. Whilst this is true, to state that Bill Gates and Donald Trump are not Jews is incorrect. (44:00 mark) I am sure that Prasch cannot be ignorant of the compelling evidence that both Gates and Trump are crypto Jews. (See Further Links).

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Jewish Bill Gates: Crypto-Jew, Pseudo-Christianhttps://piotrbein.wordpress.com/2015/10/08/bill-gates-crypto-jew-pseudo-christian-all-jew-microsoft/

Was Donald Trump born into a crypto-Jewish family? If so, does he know it?http://themillenniumreport.com/2017/05/was-donald-trump-born-into-a-crypto-jewish-family/



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