Der Golem: The 100 Sins of Jacob Prasch~ by tbckawaii

Many thanks tbckawaii. God bless

2 thoughts on “Der Golem: The 100 Sins of Jacob Prasch~ by tbckawaii

  1. We will keep you your family in much prayer. Please be encouraged in knowing you are not alone, more and more are starting to see. We have been there also and we thank God, He opened our eyes and yours. God Bless you.

  2. I’ve been in a Moriel affiliated church and discovered your videos two days ago. You have mentioned the leader in a few of your videos. I am very confused because Ive placed my comfort by association and being in echo chambers which I did not or didn’t want to recognize. Now when I look back me and my family experienced a lot of emotional and spiritual abuse over the years and I feel wronged, but also stupid for not taking courage. The behavior I saw then is the same I see now with narcissistic leaders in the secular world. I am really angry, but I cant deny your videos based on the evidence you provided. I feel mentally and emotionally violated and dont know what to think anymore. Thank you and prayer would be appreciated. Please keep this annonomous for now please.

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