Setting the record straight ~ by TimWirth

Deuteronomy 5:20 ‘You shall not bear false witness against your neighbor.

Liars share with those they deceive the desire not to be deceived. ” ~ Sissela Bok

“A good liar knows that the most efficient lie is always a truth that has had a key piece removed from it. ” ~    Carlos Ruiz Zafon

James A. Prasch has been proven to lie, twist scripture, slander and rage against others on a regular basis. We continue to pray for those that are blindly following him. That they will seek truth and see clearly the deception and web of lies he has created. We also continue to pray for those who have escaped the Moriel deception, that they continue to heal, seek truth and grow in God’s grace. Lastly we do pray for James that he will see clearly his need for repentance.

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8 thoughts on “Setting the record straight ~ by TimWirth

  1. To add to this I no longer endorse Joshua aka Lydia. Thanks, TBCkawaii I forgot about that post I made. I proved Prasch was lying on his allegations against me. Plus on the money thing, they always bring up. I challenge them to show an email show any amount that I owe them. I already showed the 5k they gave me was for a Moriel project and they then tried to bill me for that. I pushed back and then they stated they excused me off the debt. How can they excuse me of a debt incurred by Moriel for Moriel TV and how do you write that off the books as David Lister states in the email? By the way what about the bill I can prove that I sent to David Lister for setting up the Roku platform that was ignored by Moriel and not paid. Here is some more email proof-From David Lister to Sandy Simpson September 7, 2018 5:00:28 AM EDT, David Lister wrote:
    Dear Sandy:
    Do you remember when Tim came to Hawaii and made those video with you? Well, Moriel lent Tim the money to produce these videos. Well, Tim defaulted on the loan and we forgave him the debt (you know my feelings on debt) but we feel it is right to at least get something out of that loan. Can you tell me which of the videos were done during that time frame?
    In Peace,
    Here was Sandys answer-On Friday, September 7, 2018, 7:54:30 AM EDT, Sandy Simpson wrote:

    As far as I remember Tim never came to Hawaii to do any videos. He did go to Idaho to do the emerging Church series but that was financed by a couple in Idaho. He also went to Marcos Church where we did some videos there including testing music in the church and the one that Jacob and I did on signs and wonders. I guess you’ll have to work out the details with him on these things because he did put in many hours working on videos for Roku and YouTube for moriel. end emails- And again the debt that was never a debt was for a Moriel project that started off Moriel TV and they still have those videos and use them. What a bunch!

  2. At 3:35 into Tim’s video which itself is playing Prasch’s December 2019/January 2020 era video (now deleted alongside Amos Farrell’s GCR TV YouTube channel), Prasch claims Moriel got rid of Tim for “substandard” and “unreliable” work, and because of “unethical” behaviour. In this Prasch is caught lying because if it were true Moriel got rid of Tim, why would they allow Tim to post about his departure from Moriel afterwards on their Moriel TV Facebook feed on August 1st 2018 wherein Tim says he’ll be “on a temporary hiatus from Moriel”:
    So again Prasch is caught trying to present a false narrative to present himself as being right, when his OWN social media evidence debunks him.
    Jacob Prasch is a notorious liar. He lies about his past, he lies about finances, he lies about others. There is no truth in the man.

    The observable reality is Tim left Moriel on good terms in Summer 2018, Servus Christi (Joshua Chavez) stepped in for a time while Tim was on hiatus, and then within a month Prasch had gone nuts and attacked his colleague David Nathan and then expanded those witch-hunts to everybody who sided with David Nathan or who rebuked Prasch because of his godless behaviour. Various Moriel people (including admins in Canada) departed Moriel in disgust, as did Tim, and anyone else with any sense.
    Prasch cannot deal with the reality or the facts, so has just lied instead, and in doing so has slandered Tim by making up spurious allegations against him (which Tim debunked in the video).

  3. Here is what I just got from Vimeo “Hello Tim Wirth,
    Your video “Setting the record straight” has been removed for violating our Guidelines.
    Reason: You cannot upload videos that are hateful, defamatory, or discriminatory.
    For more information on our content and community policies, please visit
    If you believe this was an error, please reply to this message as soon as possible to explain. (Please be aware that Vimeo moderators take action as violations come to our attention. “I see other people do it” is not a valid explanation.)
    Vimeo Staff
    6:40 AM
    PS My video is still up on You Tube as well as Bitchute. Funny thing is I address the slander Prasch does by actual facts

  4. Jimmy would constantly berate me on how musicians were such poor businessmen. The major problem with musicians secular or Christian is that they trust people and people end up messing them over. Forget the fact that James even told people he was the band Blondies road manager and was not ever. They never mention the bill that I sent to David Lister and was stiffed on. Failed musician, failed DJ. Wow, I can actually prove the things I have done in my life with pictures in both the secular and Christian worlds. I am not saying this to defend myself. I am saying this to remind people that Prasch lives in a world he has created and it is very real to Prasch. Self-deluded is a very dangerous place to be. Many are saying the fact that Prasch and the rest of Moriel are walking around totally naked. And Prasch, David Lister, John Haller, Amos Farrell, Marco Quintana are walking around wearing the Emperors New Clothes. They are all believing a lie.

  5. I agree with both Fonzy and deagah. Both Prasch and Lister are being very dishonest. As you say, even if loaning Tim money were true then both Lister and Prasch have some explaining to do to the IRS concerning their 501 C3 tax exempt status. Since it states clearly that 501 C3’s are not to loan money and yet on how many videos does Prasch state this and Lister has put it in print, not to bright when you think of the IRS. Yes the word thugs is one of many that come to mind. They are both vile. Anyone who uses money or their “position” of power to lie and try to manipulate and disparage someone are low life and show a total lack of basis morals, not to mention fruit of the Spirit.

  6. They’re like a bunch of mafia thugs, if they give you anything they believe you are in their pocket for life.
    To constantly bring this stuff up against Tim over and over again is truly disgusting.

    It’s funny how when Jacob brings up his own finances he like to quote from Matthew saying not to let the left hand know what the right hand is doing, but when it’s time he can let the whole world know over and over

  7. Even if what Yacov said in these clips were true, and I don’t believe they’re. But even if they were, only a total lowlife scum would say something like that about people they knew. That was nothing but an attempt to humiliate and degrade.
    That was satanic, demonic, and about as evil a man as you will see, barring predators.

    Christian? What a joke!
    Demonically inspired? Absolutely!

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