El Niño de Prasch ~ by tbckawaii

The lunacy of Prasch and his lies continue to astound and stun the mind. Any sense of normalcy slips away, listening to him tell one lie after another. It becomes drudgery and almost painful to listen to him as he seems to reach through the video and “slime” you with his own mire that he swims in. Praying


Note: the video is available per the link above.

7 thoughts on “El Niño de Prasch ~ by tbckawaii

  1. Nora> Hugh aka TBCkawaii took the videos down basically just locking the public out. There were death threats made against Deborah Menelaws on the website . James APrasch and Charles Jardine had a hand in that. In spite of rumors and lies spread by Moriel and people like Linda, MacIntyre , Hugh made it unavailable to the public. He said what he had to say and people like Josh Chavez used Hughs research to come against Moriel. Pretty much the end of the story. I am coming out with a video on the man behind the curtain David Lister and then I’m done as well. These men, Prasch, Chavez and Lister have no accountability and put themselves out there as lone rangers. Lots of that going around.

  2. I am just curious as to what happened to TBCkawaii’s site and videos? Did Prasch get everything taken down?

  3. Please get this information to TBCKawaii. And If I could upload my Bitshute link on your FB page I would appreciate it. Here is what I just got from Vimeo “Hello Tim Wirth,

    Your video “Setting the record straight” has been removed for violating our Guidelines.

    Reason: You cannot upload videos that are hateful, defamatory, or discriminatory.

    For more information on our content and community policies, please visit https://vimeo.com/help/guidelines.

    If you believe this was an error, please reply to this message as soon as possible to explain. (Please be aware that Vimeo moderators take action as violations come to our attention. “I see other people do it” is not a valid explanation.)

    Vimeo Staff
    6:40 AM
    PS My video is still up on You Tube as well as Bitchute. Funny thing is I address the slander Prasch does by actual facts

  4. I put the info from the video in a blog post https://powerplaypause.blog/2020/07/22/jacob-prasch-the-hypocrite-with-his-violent-deadbeat-son/

    The sheer hypocrisy from Prasch is like nothing else I’ve ever witnessed. It’s a severe form of hypocrisy that only a fully unhinged person could publicly utter.
    And yet doubtlessly his ardent disciples will roll out their prayer mats, face Israel where Prasch ISN’T descended from, and genuflect in the clouds of incense.

  5. Prasch used his latest video to trash Chris Rosebrough and his family.
    Prasch challenged Chris Rosebrough to debate with issues Chris has already stated he has no issues with
    All of this because Chris exposed for sure that Prasch is not half Jewish
    Prasch agrees again that his dad was not Jewish but claims some far off relative that is probably not even his real relative.
    All of this while not addressing Moriels false teaching on the Metatron as a Chrristophny.
    The excuses Praschs uses are 1. You evangelize Jews with the Metatron which is false because Prasch in his 2009 teaching and his teaching in his book Harpazo make he makes zero references to the source he gets the Metatron from (which is the Zohar).
    And in Harpazo Prasch does not cite the source the Metatron comes from or makes any mention of evangelizing the Jews.
    ‘He just throws it in there.
    Prasch refuses to answer questions that the Metatron is in the New Testament because it’s not there.
    Prasch should withdraw from teaching anyone because of his anger issues and false teaching of the Metatron

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