Prophecy Bytes

New Youtube cannel dealing with the need for discernment with false teachers, false prophets and teachings on biblical prophecy.

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  1. Just FYI the reason I used the “Edward Teach” name in my last video was to mock the folks who doxxed me and emailed a ton of friends and brothers and sisters in the Lord to warn them not to donate to my Go Fund Me fundraiser. They claim I am and was a con man using 1 check that did not clear that I wrote in 1997. I had went to California to record and has closed my account before the check had cleared. Unintentionally. When I found out I made the check right with the person I owed the money to face to face.I also ran a stop sign a year later. What these folks failed to say was that a person in Troy Ohio had used my social security number around a decade ago. They do start off their rant with posting my actual address. Nice huh? One of the civil suits that state “contract” was actually for a security deposit. The case was dismissed because I have lived in the same place ever since Donna and I moved from California back to Piqua over 15 years ago. There are a couple of back tax liens which I pushed back on because my taxes were paid so I pushed back. Believe what you want to please. The really lousy thing was now we have started to save for final arrangements for Donna once that happens. Donna is fine but I need to start saving now. So if you do not want to give to our Go Fund Me please don’t. We will be fine because we trust God not man or the slander man does. I have explained this before here and other places I’m not going to do it again. All the equipment I got from Moriel was my pay (as was agreed to by David Lister). The gear that David Lister gave to me separately was used by Moriel for a tax write off and then demanded back. I sent the gear back. Moriel also stiffed me on a bill sent to David Lister by me through my Quick Books program. Lister received the bill (Quick Books verifies when a person has received the bill). The bill was for 8500.00 and was ignored and never disputed by David Lister. And I dont sue other Christians so I will suffer the loss. Please take care of your own families first I know times are tough. Pat and Mike I know I dont have to explain but I do want to keep my conscience clear. Blessings in Jesus

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