1 thought on “Prayerfully consider, Helping a caregiver

  1. I want to thank everyone that gives and or prays. I know times are tough. Prasch said personally that this was my sob story to con people out of money. How does someone call a caregiver who is taking care of his wife who is in late-term Alzheimers 24/7 a con man. We live off my early social security retirement and a little SSI from Donna. That’s around 1704 a month. I do not want to choose between paying for prescriptions and or hospital bills. Through the generosity of the saints our head is above water and we are grateful. Donna had to be hospitalized in September for blood clots that almost killed her. We are still reeling from that. Please take care of your families first. Praying does not take anything but a little time. I am grateful for both. People have said I need time away as well. I cant that’s 18 per hour out of my pocket that I don’t have. Jesus has provided fellowship through our afternoon drive at the mall and our bible now with Mike and Pat as well as my church bible study. Thanks, everyone. Blessings in Jesus -Tim and Donna

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