John MacArthur’s Lavish Lifestyle? An Interview With Phil Johnson – YouTube

This video demonstrates how completely out of touch Phil Johnson is, and (apparently) just how naïve Justin Peters is. 

The video was made in order to refute the various concerns about John MacArthur’s lavish lifestyle, nepotism etc. as recently reported by Julie Roys. {1} Astonishingly Johnson digs a deeper hole for Grace To You (GTY) and has made the situation even more embarrassing than it already is. 

Johnson claims that no-one who knows MacArthur personally has ever accused him of living a millionaire lifestyle. Most of us mere mortals do not know MacArthur personally and are unlikely to ever be, or ever want to be, associated with him. What we are discussing is the factual report which gave evidence of MacArthur’s salary, his three homes that are not at all modest (one with a tennis court and the other apparently with a lake), nepotism and other issues. Johnson’s attempt to play down these concerns has failed spectacularly.    

The allegation that nepotism is rife within GTY:   

Johnson: “The truth is, not one of John MacArthur’s kids is on staff at Grace Church, not one.” 

After saying this, Johnson employed diversionary tactics and changed the subject. Several minutes later he announced that MacArthur’s eldest son is on the board of GTY, supposedly purely and simply for the purpose of preserving MacArthur’s legacy. Johnson: “We want to make sure that someone still has a hand in the ministry and has the families best interests at heart.. We have made it a point to keep at least one member of John’s family on the board at all times. At one point, two of his sons were on the board, Mark and Matt, right now its Matt. We intend to keep it that way.” MacArthur’s son is also the treasurer and signs cheques for GTY, apparently due to logistics and convenience since other board members do not live nearby. Johnson is also on the board of GTY. According to Johnson, the board of GTY consists of mostly disinterested parties with no vested interest in the ministry. During the video it emerged that Johnson’s son is also employed by GTY. Johnson also referred vaguely to other employees as “anyone who is related to John”.  Johnson confirmed that the financial reports for GTY are not publicly available. The obvious question is: Why are GTY resistant to making their financial information available in the public domain if they have nothing to hide?  

MacArthurs son-in-law Kory Welch and his companies appear to have received approximately $7,610,399 from Grace to You and The Master’s University between 2003 and 2016. {2} No figures are available post 2016. According to Johnson, Kory Welch has a video production company in the local neighborhood, although Johnson says that he does not not exactly where it is. Again, if I were responding to these concerns I would know exactly where Welch’s company is located since it is relevant to the discussion. Welch was one of the people who bid for the video production contract with GTY ten or fifteen years ago, after doing the job in-house as a salaried employee for a year or two. Johnson is very vague regarding the time-frame. For the second time Johnson uses the “convenience and logistics” excuse to justify giving the contract to Welch. Johnson claims that it is economical to do use Welch’s company, but since there is no evidence available to back up this claim, once again we have to rely on Johnson’s word alone. Johnson also revealed that MacArthur’s daughter does a lot of the artwork, and presumably she is also an employee, unless she is paid via Welch’s company (?) Johnson: “It is all in the family and it is all in-house..”

I think that even the most pro-MacArthur person would have to admit that undisguised nepotism is rife within GTY.

Regarding the allegation that Austin Duncan, College Pastor at Grace Community Church is the son of MacArthurs friend Ligon Duncan: 

Johnson:As far as I know, Austin Duncan is not the son of Ligon Duncan.” ~ As far as I know? If I were refuting these allegations, I would know! Johnson goes on to say: “They are not related” – but his looks were unconvincing. I am still left in some doubt whether the two men are in fact connected. Johnson is full of these vague statements that really do not answer the concerns.

Regarding the rare first edition King James bible that was given to MacArthur by the GTY Board in 2014:

According to Johnson, MacArthur gave the Bible to the Grace Seminary’s collection of rare manuscripts and early bible editions. This might seem like a very generous gesture, but MacArthur did not “give” the bible to an unconnected entity. MacArthur is the founder and current chancellor of The Master’s University and Seminary where the rare book collection is held. In other words TMS is very much part of MacArthur’s legacy. Johnson confirmed that he did in fact dox Julie Roys, but only for ten minutes. That’s alright then! The Mark of the Beast Controversy
The mark of the beast controversy is still problematic for MacArthur. Johnson continues to equivocate, insisting that taking the mark can be forgiven hypothetically according to Matthew 12:31 ~ Therefore I tell you, every sin and blasphemy will be forgiven people, but the blasphemy against the Spirit will not be forgiven.  It would be far better for MacArthur to simply admit that he made a mistake in that moment, but both he and Johnson, to their own peril, prefer to justify themselves. The book of Revelation is unequivocal. (Revelation 14:9-11 cf. Revelation 22:18-19).1. The Prosperous Lifestyle of America’s Anti-Prosperity Gospel Preacher | The Roys Report ( 2. John Macarthur Pays Son-In-Law Millions Through Nonprofits – John Macarthur Cult Watch Forum ( 


  1. I found your article interesting and certainly should give people something to think about, but perhaps you didn’t realize the picture that you used as a study Bible should give people something think about:

    –Perspicuity or clarity of Scripture–

    I don’t know if, and I don’t really think that you used a John MacArthur Study Bible as the pictorial example, but one thing that it does have in common with a John MacArthur Study Bible, is it has as many notes as there is Scripture on a page! This can come to be distracting overkill, when reading the Bible.

    I’m planning to read the 1977 NASB from Genesis to Revelation, and I hope to get that done in a year or less. I’m using an old 1978 Ryrie Study Bible that has study notes, which don’t take up the whole page. I would want my focus to be on the Bible–not the writer of the notes!

  2. One of the many things that I find disturbing about the MacArthur crowd, is Phil Johnson’s downplay of doxing Julie Roys, by saying it was only ten minutes. Ten minutes online is a lot of time to dox someone, ” Basically, on average, data travels close to the speed of light through the fiber optic cables, and while it may slow down a little in its last leg of the journey into your house, that’s around 670 million MPH! Compare that to the speed a well-trained postal horse could run in the 1800s and that’s 33,480,000 faster!”

    What happens to our Christian testimony when one freely admits to breaking the law? As doxing in the state of California is illegal even for one minute. Phil Johnson places himself above the law of the land and leaves his followers with the impression that it’s ok to do so, making light of it.
    Rom 13:1  Let every soul be subject unto the higher powers. For there is no power but of God: the powers that be are ordained of God. 

  3. Oh how the Clique Inner Circle of the Celebrity preachers God is exposing for fraud and blatant hypocrisy building their own gallows to hang upon as they store up fortunes just for themselves off the backs of the blind sheep they prey upon !

    Wolves in sheep’s clothing being self deceived and deceiving as the Bible foretells ..

    Jesus said, beware when all manner of men speak well of you so did the false prophets of old …

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