1 thought on “Prasch – The Shameless Liar ~ By Stewart Menelaws

  1. David Pawson warned about Prasch’s behaviour and his being surrounded by people who both lived vicariously through him and refused to hold him to account. Towards the end of Pawson’s 1998 Arbitration Report, after recording how Prasch’s 1990s sycophants promised they would hold him to account from then on, Pawson said time would tell if they would. Time has shown they either haven’t, or have been savaged and thrown under the bus by Prasch at any hint of being held to account (the oft-lynched Bill Randles).


    In that video of Prasch screaming that all these women are “DISGUSTING!” he looks both drunk and insane. If he explodes like that when the camera is on him, what’s he like at home? He is supremely vile. The more he thinks he’s a godly man standing for truth the more lunatic and unhinged he becomes. Comical if it wasn’t so damaging to his targets, and damaging to those who ape his demonised behaviour and appallingly classify it as Jesus’s righteous anger.

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