Prasch the Heretic Proclaims: “The Metatron is actually Yeshua, Jesus, the Messiah” — tbckawaii

Jacob Prasch has been triggered into openly and clearly stating on camera this week he believes in a mystic Kabbalah figure known as the Metatron, and that the Metatron is his Messiah. Here is a compilation of Prasch’s 4 heretical utterances from his 37-minute video released on May 2nd 2021 in reaction against Stewart Menelaws pointing out his life of sin:

“I believe that the one the rabbis call the Metatron is the Lord Jesus, it’s a Christophany—an Old Testament manifestation of Christ.  That is all I’ve ever said, that is all I’ve ever taught.”

“There is much much mention of him in rabbinic literature, much much mention of him in rabbinic literature, and they ascribe to him divine properties as being the creative agent of God, the salvific or the salvation instrument of God, and also, uhh, the third pillar of the godhead; incredible things it says about the angel of the Lord who they call the Metatron, the Metatron, who, but whom I maintain is the Lord Jesus, as have evangelists to the Jews for many many centuries.”

“I disagree of course that the Metatron is not God, I believe he is God.”

“Academics of scholarly renown had said this, I simply say the same thing, that the Metatron—as they call him—is actually Yeshua, Jesus, the Messiah.”

Jacob Prasch, May 2nd 2021

In my updated Metatron resource article from 2020, I’ve compiled Prasch’s various claims about his Metatron Messiah throughout his career as a false teacher, all the way from his recent claims, back to his 2009 article that Chris Rosebrough described as “the most blasphemous article ever written on Christology,” and then right back to the 1990s when Prasch tried to direct people to an early audio recording of his belief in the Metatron, not only stating this was “a biblically correct judeo-Christian understanding of the God-head”, but the absurd claim was uttered whilst Prasch was attacking his OWN Moriel USA volunteer Annie Rogers by presenting information he’d INVENTED about her in an effort to lump her in with Jehovah’s Witnesses. Prasch had his Metatron heresy recording available on his website from at least 2000 when it appeared on

In 2020 Prasch tried to defend his Metatron belief in a move that backfired as Chris Rosebrough took his video presentation and exposed how Prasch openly LIED about the word Metatron being in the New Testament and then obfuscated in order to shoehorn his heresy into the Bible, rather than simply admit he was wrong, repent, and come to faith in the actual Messiah.

Iowan pastor Bill Randles was actually the first person to call out Prasch for his Metatron heresy in 2019 as seen here, but in the face of public rebuke Prasch has doubled and trebled down in his lies, convincing his disciples he’s right, despite a seminary professor last year explaining how Metatron is likely a DEMON!

Prasch lies about ‘One For Israel’ (again)

Prasch had in 2020 tried to incorporate the Jewish evangelism group One For Israel into his heresy by claiming on camera that they believed the same as him, despite his video evidence of theirs that he presented actually clearly stating that Metatron, far from being Christ, was a “substitute” for Christ, which is an ‘anti’-christ as I outlined towards the end of Episode 48 of my Prasch series. But this time around in May 2021 Prasch has doubled down in that lie against One For Israel and one of its scholars Dr. Eitan Bar, stating Dr. Bar believes the same heresy as Prasch via Prasch reading one of Dr. Bar’s articles in attempted support of the heresy:

This is despite the quote Prasch reads from coming from an article which has only one glaring footnote and that is specifically explaining Dr. Bar’s teaching about who the Metatron is:

Dr. Eitan Bar’s footnote about the Metatron from his article

In the article Prasch uses, Dr. Eitan Bar specifically states that he doesn’t even believe the Metatron EXISTS, and is nothing but a rabbinic myth, yet Prasch by extreme contrast states the Metatron not only exists but IS Jesus. It is actually likely that the footnote in question was added after Prasch first referenced the article in 2020 and damaged One For Israel’s good name and reputation because of Prasch’s heresy and efforts to incorporate Jewish Christians into it with him.

Additionally Prasch’s second in command (and money man) at Moriel Ministries, David Lister, produced a 42-minute defence of the Metatron and Prasch’s teaching in August 2020 after Chris Rosebrough widely exposed it, but in the rambling process announced two mutually exclusive views, 1) that Jesus is the Metatron (via believing Prasch’s lie that the word Metatron is in the Bible when it isn’t), AND 2) that the Metatron is a false Jesus who needs to be unmasked! Here is Lister baffling himself:

Prasch and Lister both use a book called The Great Mystery from 1863 (pdf) to prove their Metatron Messiah, but when you read it you realise it’s all gnosticism (‘hidden knowledge’) from the same type of people like Prasch who were out looking for gnosis by entering “into the deep recesses of the mysteries hidden in the Word of God” and then claimed to find “the hidden wisdom of God”:

There is practically no difference to the way those rabbis (and Prasch) have gone about their hunt for hidden stuff as what Chuck Missler did in his quest to make money out of spreading fool speculation and gnosticism. Also the Menelaws keenly noted this about the author of that 1863 book which Prasch and Lister rely so heavily on:

“…the author seems to have changed his identity even more often than Prasch himself. Calling himself ‘Rabbi’ Tzvi Nassi – it turns out he wasn’t a rabbi. He also used the German name Heinrich Prinz – but he wasn’t German. Then in England, he changed his name to Rev. Christian William Henry Pauli but he wasn’t English. Then, on moving to Holland, he called himself Rev. Christiaan Wilhelm Hirsch Pauli but he wasn’t… you get the idea . It turns out he was Polish and his real name was Zebi Nasi Hirsch Prinz… enough already.”

-The Menelaws

About Prasch’s efforts to conflate Christianity with Kabbalah, Chris Rosebrough wrote,

“We cannot say this strongly enough that to appropriate the Metatrone of the Kabballah and claim that this made up, mythological character is Jesus and that it is the ‘agent of God’s salvation’ and the ‘only one in whom to take refuge’ for salvation is even more blasphemous than Rick Warren’s claim that Isa of the Koran is Jesus! There is no other way to say it than to say that the “Jesus” that “Jacob” Prasch believes in is the Metatrone of the Kaballah rather than the Jesus of the Old and New Testaments. Prasch’s “Jesus” is a false Jesus.”

Chris Rosebrough, ‘Prasch, Madonna and the Metatrone!

One For Israel’s Eitan Bar managed to explain the tension simply by saying the Metatron is a substitute for Christ and is merely a fable, but by contrast Prasch and Lister try to say Metatron is a substitute for Christ and at the same time is Christ.

Those Who Believe Prasch’s Lie

Whilst Prasch hasn’t succeeded in pulling those who are outside his cult into his heresy in his desperate effort to normalise his heresy, he has apparently convinced people inside the cult, for the ‘Christian‘ TV channel RTN TV run by his mates Amos Farrell and Charles Jardine (which I exposed last year) have promoted the heresy on their channel, making it available to their viewers by reposting it in its entirety, openly propagating Prasch’s heresy, apparently as a sign of their allegiance to Prasch their gnostic cult leader. This instance only highlights David Pawson’s 1998 Arbitration Report’s concerns about Prasch’s followers when Pawson noted:

[Prasch’s] unusual background, knowledge and experience have attracted many followers though, as with other persuasive communicators, some of his devotees regard his pronouncements as the last word on a subject or issue, an attitude he does not appear to discourage.

-David Pawson, 1998 Arbitration Report

I have ridiculed Prasch’s devotees in many video episodes, particularly Episode 33 which looks at their refusal to research Prasch’s claims or fact-check him in fear they find out he’s wrong and be crushed by reality, yet in this case, if they persist in believing Prasch then they too will be engaged in worshipping an antichrist figure and suspected demon and will eventually be crushed by that reality anyway when they face the real Christ Jesus, albeit then it will be too late for them to turn from it and they’ll be thrown into Hell along with their idiot stage 4 alcoholic cult leader and object of their perverse fascination.

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