2 thoughts on “Prasch the Liar Part 2 – Studio Scotland film producers interviewed ~ Bethel Communications

  1. He, like all wolves have a “following”, just like the Benny Hinn’s, Joel Osteen’s and other cult leaders. They all appeal to the flesh in some way or another. It’s not so much for those who have bought in completely, although we still need to pray for them all; it’s a warning for all others that may wonder across his path. Those that will and do fact check, need to be able to vet him and that’s where these countless articles, videos and documentations become invaluable. When we first started to listen to him, we searched the net and found very little on him, except his own teachings. We should have pursued it further but didn’t. Now, we pray that others will benefit from our initial lack of diligence and testing and take heed to these warnings and facts. We are both very thankful for those like yourself, Stewart and Deborah, Treena, TBC and many others who have stood against the evil this man seems to take pleasure in producing. Praying

  2. Not sure how much more can be said to convince the Praschites. Prasch lied about being Jewish and is a hateful and ungodly man who really does not know how to rightly divide the Word of God. Not sure why he has any following

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