Prasch’s ‘Pledge’ IMMEDIATELY Damns RTN TV as Heretics — tbckawaii

Everyone on [RTN] is held to a doctrinal standard of accountability in accordance with Scripture. …

1 thought on “Prasch’s ‘Pledge’ IMMEDIATELY Damns RTN TV as Heretics — tbckawaii

  1. Just happened to stumble across a book, form 2016, on church discipline. One interesting and ironic thing is that James Prasch, Bill Randles, Jackie Alnor and David Nathan all contributed to writing a chapter each in the book. Among other things it makes for a confusing Hodgepodge on who, what, when where and how to execute discipline and have accountability within the Church body. Prasch, Randles and Nathan all teach and speak on 1 Corinthians 5 and Matthew 18 all saying some contrary things to each other’s teachings, we know for sure that Scripture and right doctrine does not cause confusion, nor does it contradict itself. And there’s more…. Good article thanks for continuing to expose the lies and deceit. God bless

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