Prasch the Liar Part 4 – Witchcraft and Witnesses ~ by Stewart Menelaws

Subtitled “Behind the scenes of Moriel”, this video is the 5th in this series. For almost 3 years, James Aloysius Prasch Jr (known as ‘Jacob’) of Moriel has been defaming Stewart and Deborah Menelaws who serve The Lord at the ministries Global Vision TV ( and Bethel Communications (* Moriel revealed that their own ‘trustees’ were planning a campaign – a conspiracy – against Deborah to stop her speaking up about certain facts she knows about the organisation and its leaders. They made blasphemous accusations of witchcraft about this woman of God, referring to a conference she did in London. The director of this video put out a request for people who had been at the event she was speaking at who could testify to the truth – whatever that was. The results are quite frightening. Go to to see more evidence on video and the website at… *both of whom work at Studio Scotland (they work unpaid so any salary can go into making Christian projects, as Studio Scotland is the film production company that finances much of their ministry – known as ‘tent making’.) Deborah finances Bethel Communications herself. The LORD provides in wonderful ways for all of it and neither Deborah or Stewart EVER benefit financially from any of their Christian works. DESPITE what Prasch claims.

2 thoughts on “Prasch the Liar Part 4 – Witchcraft and Witnesses ~ by Stewart Menelaws

  1. Very thankful that witnesses are coming forward and speaking the truth. The lies that have come from Prasch and Moriel about Deborah, Stewart and many, many others, clearly show the patterns of bad fruit by which we know them. This so called ministry and James Prasch has
    operated out of a place of hate, anger, and contempt for the body of Christ for decades now. This is another record of proof of the truth of the lies and slander Prasch spreads. He has zero interest in reconciliation and especially NO interest in repentance, as he ALWAYS elevates himself to “victim” status with no need to repent and gives himself license to speak vile lies about other believers.

  2. The lie about Deborah being a witch originated from Sergio Martinez (who has preached at Devore and was with the original Moriel TV before I took over) and Marco Quintanna pastor of Devore. Devore Truth the churches name is pretty much a oxymoron. Sergio told me that Deborah was a witch as well as Marco. When I asked for proof that never came. I witness to Wiccans locally so I really didnt know if Deborah had been saved out of witchcraft or whatever. So I wanted more information about her because I did not really know her at that time. No info came but Sergio warned me that Deborah wanted to take over Moriel TV. Maybe thats why the stupid rumor started. Who knows. Marco has a nice smile on his face and a knife hidden behind his back. Moriel dumped a ton of money into Devore for Moriel TV. High end camera’s, huge amounts of computer gear and lighting. Guess I should have been happy that they gave me a laptop. Lol. No I had to return that. SMH

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