Prasch the Liar Part 5 – Crazy Conspiracies ~Stewart Menelaws

“Subtitled “Behind the scenes of Moriel”, this video is the 5th in this series. For almost 3 years, James Aloysius Prasch Jr (known as ‘Jacob’) of Moriel has been defaming Stewart and Deborah Menelaws who serve The Lord at the ministries: Global Vision TV ( * and Bethel Communications ( * In order to discredit her – because her ministry is to expose the darkness and warn the Church of false teachers etc, Moriel started yet another rumour about Deborah Menelaws teaching at women’s conferences – and eyewitnesses came forward. The results are quite frightening. Go to to see more evidence on video and the website at… *both of whom work at Studio Scotland (they work unpaid so any salary can go into making Christian projects, as Studio Scotland is the film production company that finances much of their ministry – known as ‘tent making’.) Deborah finances Bethel Communications herself. The LORD provides in wonderful ways for all of it and neither Deborah or Stewart EVER benefit financially from any of their Christian works. DESPITE what Prasch claims.”

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