4 thoughts on “The 10 Men Who Support Jacob Prasch’s Metatron Heresy via the RTN Tv ‘Pledge’ — tbckawaii

  1. In my experience every christian I have known that claims to have discernment has very little or none. I do not claim to have any myself but I do know something that does have, and that is the word of God.

    Blind [are] his watchmen–all of them, They have not known, All of them [are] dumb dogs, they are not able to bark, Dozing, lying down, loving to slumber. And the dogs [are] strong of desire, They have not known sufficiency, And they [are] shepherds! They have not known understanding, All of them to their own way they did turn, Each to his dishonest gain from his quarter: ‘Come ye, I take wine, And we drink, quaff strong drink, And as this day hath been to-morrow, Great–exceeding abundant!’

  2. Well RTN has removed the picture of a woman unbuttoning her blouse which is good and maybe next time they will look a little harder when posting. Strange though as I was painted with the one having the problem and called deviat and other things by their follower. Interesting how people can now read minds huh? Well no one should hold anyones past sin against them. Mine was being a rock drummer who of course loved women. I’m not that same person because Jesus saved me from my sin. David Lister who had a different sort of sexual sin I also do not hold that against him nor should others. Davids own testimony to me and others of being freed from homosexuality was a great success for Jesus indeed. But whats odd is these very same people paint my friend and brother in the Lord TBCkawaii aka Hugh Smith as gay when he was not.
    Here is an update on the Moriel/RTN pledge as well as my comments below on Prasch’s pledge on Christian music.
    Part of Prasch’s Pledge is about the music that RTN TV play for their cult members, with Prasch stating
    “All of the artists presented on RTN, all the lyrics they sing—and some of them have been a blessing to many many people, many people—will always be people who we know are not in the music business but are in the music ministry, and they’re in it for Jesus, and all what they sing, all what they perform will be scriptural. That is our Pledge.”
    -Prasch ‘Pledge’ video
    Prasch’s standard is such that all the “artists presented on RTN…will always be people…not in the music business…and they’re in it for Jesus…[and] all what they perform will be scriptural,” yet RTN hypocritically play music by Michael W. Smith and Don Moen, the former who performed to Pope John Paul II in 1995, and the latter who played to Pope Francis in 2015 which, by Prasch’s standards, means since RTN use Smith and Moen’s material and since all the artists they present are pledged to be “in it for Jesus” and “scriptural”, Prasch is through that Pledge okaying Roman Catholicism and venerating the Pope! HA!
    This is the hypocritical end result of the absurd situation Prasch and his cult of imbeciles get themselves into when you actually apply their frankly insane systems of judgement they regularly mete out onto others to themselves. The extreme irony is in 2020 on his website Prasch damned his former social media man Tim Wirth for association with Hillsong and Darlene Zschech, linking them all to none other than…THE POPE! No joke! Look:
    So Prasch used Tim’s time of playing music with Darlene Zschech at Hillsong as a means to link Tim via Six Degrees from Kevin Bacon to Pope John Paul II allegedly protecting paedophiles, and says this connection served as additional impetus to “get rid of him” from Moriel, when now Prasch and RTN are linked to the same people by their ‘Pledge’! You couldn’t make up the level of imbecility on offer from the self-damning bunch of idiots at RTN and Moriel. It seems whenever they are held to the fool standards they impose on others they themselves are found guilty of everything they accuse everybody else of! But this is what happens when stupid people engage in Sectarian Minimalism which the Prasch Cult are based upon, since they cut themselves off entirely from the world and damn everybody but themselves, but then hypocritically try to mooch off of the names and reputations of musicians to promote their crap new TV channel and immediately thrust themselves into the bog of hypocrisy.
    In light of this hypocrisy, and as a means to avoid venerating the Pope, it would make sense for the Prasch Cult to now produce their own music rather than partner with people who perform to the various Popes, and become more like the Witness Lee Cult who have a vast library of tripe songs they wrote themselves (and merely reworded traditional hymns with their own brand of heresy casually inserted). In fact, since Prasch worships the Metatron and speaks about the need for songs about “the blood of the goat”, they could launch a brand new ministry catering to that niche:
    end quote
    What is ironic is the fact that this was almost 20 years ago when I first met Donna in California. And Prasch knows my present feeling about the route Hillsongs has taken because we did video’s exposing the current state of Hillsong’s. I will add someone to my resume so that people will understand that I have first hand knowledge. It does not make me any better than someone. It just means I really met the artist, unlike Prasch’s bragging about knowing Christian artists (which is a lie). Funny thing is when we were filming at Devore I sat in with the praise band and we played “The Potters Hand” by Hillsongs. I remember James singing along and worshipping to the tune. Which I still believe is a good song.
    Michael W Smith is also directly linked to Bill Johnson and Bethel church as well as “The Holy Ghost Movie” which Sandy and I exposed on video. It is one of our most watched videos. The hypocrisy is glaring.
    I still have no problem with playing with Hillsongs and Lincoln Brewster at the time I did.

  3. Agree Tim, those who continue to affiliate with Moriel are willfully ignorant and will not use or bring a Scriptural rebuttal because they cannot. He conduct and teachings when held to the Scriptures show him to be in great error.

  4. I understand people have a problem with Chris Rosebrough being a Lutheran. Jackie Alnor of course has pointed out Chris wearing the roman collar etc..
    Jackie is also a Moriel defender and sell her book on Moriels website.
    The problem is that no one Sandy Simpson, John Haller, Jackie Alnor and many others including the cult followers refuse to fact check James because if they do the KNOW they will get attacked.
    Deborah and Stewart Menalaws have put together facts (in Prasch’s own words) that James is lying and then they call the facts diatribes etc.. which is not true.
    Prasch’s own words condemn him and he is not right in the head.
    Prasch says materials on Moriels website are free and no they are not.
    RTN blames filthy pictures on their FB page bots. Thats not true because what happens if you dont assign a thumbnail to your post FB will throw up a random one. And when you see the picture after you put up the next post why would you not delete it or change it?
    It took over a week for RTV TV to remove the lady unbuttoning her blouse.
    Zero discernment from these flim flam men.
    And PS their Skype videos are no worse or better than mine were. With Skype you surley get what you get. And since Prasch is so fat I would never use the belly shot.
    I would have to get Prasch to position his computer.
    Prasch never ever sites his sources and has got into Hallers news reporting groove which has zero to do with scripture even though they sprinkle it with scripture. And no one is going to listen to Prasch for a couple hoiurs. No way and I have numbers to prove that. Its the reason we did shorter videos when I was with Moriel. James just enjoys listening to himself talk
    Very sad.

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