1 thought on “ Is Conservatism Biblical? ~Julie Roys & Coleman Luck

  1. Correction, we are a Republic not a Democracy, it really does matter. Even so, I agree big time. I warned many church people about Donald Trump and I became an enemy to them. The fact that he practices Kabbalah for he said he has a Kabbalah teacher in his book ‘The Art of a Deal’ It is witchcraft. Trump bewitched the church with all his false prophets beside him. He chose Paula White for a reason. I was telling my friend yesterday that the church has joined the One World Government and the Woman (false church) Who Rides the beast wholeheartedly. The Woman sitting comfortably on the beast as Dave Hunt once said. No matter what these politicians do or say they still follow them and even worship them. Never mind that everything they stand for is completely against God’s commandments. The big “Conservative” problem in America is that is it ran by Roman Catholic’s and Jesuit’s. Most conservative talk radio hosts are Roman Catholic. This is quite devious. Also, the Q-Anon movement I truly believe was used to deceive many Christians into worshipping Trump. Dominionism is the big word here, and Calvinism. They are working hand in hand. Most churches are Calvinist, or they are crazy Assemblies of God speaking in tongues and claiming to raise the dead they are all ecumenical. I just heard part of sermon from a Nazarene church in my town because I witnessed to a woman who goes there. I wanted to have ammo the next time we talked. I could not even finish it; it was so bad!

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