The text needs to produce our belief statements; our belief statements should not inform the text ~ M. Heiser

I’m not anti-creedal. I subscribe to the basic creeds of Christianity (e.g., Apostle’s Creed, Nicean Creed). I just don’t believe that creeds serve any role in exegesis of the biblical text. While few evangelicals would actually say that we ought to use creeds to do exegesis, a mindset consistent with the notion isn’t uncommon—the idea that creeds should guide the way we interpret Scripture. I disagree. The text needs to produce our belief statements; our belief statements should not inform the text.” ~ Michael Heiser

Highly recommend this book and others by Heiser. They are a tremendous resource, as he provides mountains of references.

5 thoughts on “The text needs to produce our belief statements; our belief statements should not inform the text ~ M. Heiser

  1. Naomi the only thing I will debate is doctrine, show me the error in his doctrine and we can move foward. Everyone has to make their own minds up on this types of issues but at the end of the day the only thing that matters is what the scripture says. His explanation on Romans 5:12 was accurate, the text says death, not guilt. You don’t like him, ok, I get it, but his doctrine from what I’ve studied and examined on the issue of the Divine counsel, and the supernatural forces in the world are sound teachings. As I said, I don’t agree on everything he teaches, but I don’t see where his is a false teacher purposefully deceiving people. I don’t defend men, just doctrine.

  2. Michael Hieser is Executive Director of the School of Ministry at Celebration Church in Jacksonville Florida. The lead pastors there are Tim & Jennifer Timberlake. They say they have 12,000 in their weekly attendance at their mega church. Tim Timberlake is a graduate of Pistis School of Ministry in Detroit MI, it’s affiliate is Christian Faith Center (Word of Faith). You can watch Tim Timberlake preach on You Tube, and remember Michael Hieser is Director of the School of Ministry where Tim Timberlake preachers. I could not watch more than two minutes.

  3. Good for you. I totally disagree with you. Where is his statement of faith on his website, where is his testimony? He is a supposed O.T. scholar. Look into his training and see who taught him, what schools he went to. I did all that. I read articles from others. He is a false teacher. You might as well read Jesus Calling you would get the same edification from a double minded man.

  4. We have watched and listened to him for a few months now and will continue to fact checking him and anyone else we listen to. There are of course things we differ on with him, but they are not barn burners. So far, we have found his research and references solid and exhaustive.

    Concerning Romans 5:12 Heiser did say what you quoted; however, the quote is taken out of context. Also, he does not teach that babies go to hell. Here is a short 18-minute clip where he covers briefly Romans 5:12 and makes the statement you quoted but in context and addresses babies not going to hell. Hope this helps clear some things up for you on this topic. As far as the NAR they may well endorse him; he does go quite far into the supernatural concerning spiritual matters; so, it stands to reason that those in Charismania would endorse him and more than likely will twist what he teaches to support their own agenda, as they do, the Scriptures. However, Heiser does not endorse them.

    “I don’t follow the NAR (New Apostolic Reformation) nor do I think its distinctive teachings are scriptural. But lots of movements have those sorts of problems…..but not all movements produce their own translation of the Bible to prop up their teachings. The NAR have moved down that road.”

    On Romans 5:12

    Clearly in the video on Romans 5:12 Heiser’s quote is taken out of context. Hope this helps. Blessings

  5. Watch out for Michael Hieser! A few problems with him: Universal Salvation, babies go to hell, he is promoted by N.A.R. (false) prophets, He is interdimensional (Ecumenical), promotes the fact that annihilationism is a possibility, evolution is valid, On Romans 5:12 he says and I quote, “eludes to the fall but does not teach that all humans need Jesus because they inherited Adams guild. The next never actually says that. That has been read into it for centuries. What it “does” say all humans inherit his death (i.e. mortality)”. Also he does not think Moses wrote the first 5 books of the Bible. He elevates science over the authority of scripture. I don’t believe his religion is Biblical at all. No only this he is smug. He does a lot of writing and it take awhile to figure out what he truly believes, that is sinister. I could send links to you if asked.

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