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Word of Faith – A general overview of the Word of Faith movement, it’s leaders and their doctrine.  Beginning with E.W. Kenyon who gained much of his theology from the metaphysical cults and was plagiarized by Kenneth Hagin, this movement has grown world wide through televangelist, books, etc. and is leading the masses to false conversions through the preacing of a false gospel.

Catholicism and Charismania Part I Bill Johnson’s Bethel Church class called “The Secret Place beginning Wednesday Jan 12th.  They are studing Bernard of Clairvaux, a Catholic Mystic centered around Contemplative prayer.  This is the first audio in a series showing the connection between Catholicism and the Charismatic Church, it’s doctines, and why Charismatics are returning to Rome.

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  1. L.Jackson, just to let you know, my wife and I have partnered with others and have created a site geared to connect people who are outside of the institutional church. It is still in its infancy whoever we have had a good response to it. We are adding people to a list who are willing to be a point of contact in there area so anyone looking for fellowship and Bible Study can contact them if they are close to them. Your welcome to look at it, see if it helps.

    We also have a FB page which is

  2. Ann, I just saw your response to me. In checking out Bible Study Fellowship, it is too ecumenical, and therefore I would not be welcome there. As for Neighborhood Church, I believe I have visited there, but if so, was unable to be in the music part of the meeting. When the “christian” groups use loud music involving drums, generally I will end up on the floor in seizure (this has not been pleasant, especially when ambulances have been involved!). So when I try to attend, I stay outside until the music is finished. I have found that many groups around Redding have absorbed Bethel’s ways of doing things, and their belief system, to a greater or lesser degree. Example would be the use of Bethel’s music, or an alleged healing ministry, or alleged prophesying over people. I am not against prophecy, or healing, but Bethel has brought spiritual adultery into these areas, which precious few recognize. When a person is deceived, they do not know that they are deceived — the very nature of deception. . — I hereby give my permission to the moderator to share my email address with you, so that we may make contact, and possibly get some kind of home based church started here in Redding. The national group house2house and also simplechurch do not list any “house churches” in this area, and there is the need. Thank you very much! And my apology for being so late in responding.

  3. L. Jackson. In reply to your question about a good church in Redding, I have been attending Neighborhood Church of Redding and feel that the main pastor’s teaching is Biblically sound. I also would recommend attending Bible Study Fellowship, where you will get both good teaching and fellowship! They have night classes for men and women and a day class for women. For awhile, I felt like you, and didn’t want to attend church at all. But perhaps that is just what Satan would like us to do. Don’t give up. Find a church that is teaching from the Bible and you will find other like minded people.

  4. L. Jackson, I have to say I’m in the same place you are. The Institutional Church is on the slippery slope of apostasy. My wife and I don’t attend for the same reason but have the need for fellowship. We cannot compromise, spit out the bones and swallow the meat sort of speak. I wish I could help you but don’t know of any church to recommend at the moment.

  5. Saw a post by Ann on July 16, 2011. I also live in Redding, and am aware of the huge impact that Bethel church is having on other churches in the area. I honestly do not know where to go to church, or if it is better to simply stay home. I have virtually no real Christian fellowship, and feel the need to get together with others who are of the same heart/mind/spirit of love for Jesus and the all-sufficiency of Scripture. Can Ann or someone else recommend a church I can go to in this area? Any suggestions, please?

  6. Brother Damon, if I may, thank you for your response, the main thrust of my inquiry was centered around relationships with others who are defending the Bible and fighting false doctrine. I will e mail Justin myself as some new issues have come up, I attend a small church that wants to do a study on A Call For Discernment this January, I have to contact him about that. As I indicated in my first comments on your site, I am late to this party. I had no idea that wof,nar,new age, and other movements were so pervasive, I will briefly say that I had a friend who was wof I did not even know what that was at the time, to make a long story short he invited me to a mens’ group meeting at his church after several meetings I asked why we don’t get into studying the Scriptures and I was told that I could get a deeper understanding through watching sermons by Jakes, Parsely, Bevere, Copeland others.. I later talked to my friend about salvation as I had heard him say that it could be lost ( I knew very little about the Bible at that time) so he proceeded to quote verses and parts of verses to bolster his point, he seemed mildly aggravated that I would even question him. After doing my own research I stumbled upon Justin Peters and my eyes were opened very wide indeed, I will be honest I was angry when I watched his presentation because of how many people were and are being hurt by this movement and others as well. When I tried to bring up doctrine and taking the Bible out of context to my friend, he said that I was not on the same spiritual plane as he was we don’t talk much today, but I continue to pray for him and others that are so deceived, I think that he really believes that TD Jakes wrote the Bible, Jakes is very powerful but also very wrong. Are there any sbc pastors who I should be wary of in your opinion? I listen quite a bit to Charles Stanley, Paul Chapel, Alistair Begg and others. I will continue to pray for your ministry, In Christ, James

    On Wed, Dec 5, 2012 at 7:50 PM, Closingstages

  7. Hi James,, I know Justins wife (she is a famous actor), but not Justin so much, because she used to comment regularly on one of my blogs and was going to be on one of my radio shows once but we was never able to make schedules coincide. So what is it you want to know about him.

    I also became a southern baptist about 4 years ago,,, after being a Christian since 85 with no church home,, and being at one time a charismatic. Besides the fact that the SBC is infiltrated with too many freemasons,, I feel they are more alined with true biblical doctrine that anyone else. And I studied the history and splits in the baptist (ana-baptist) church. Generally most are doctrinally sound but stay far away from the fundamentalist/independent ones – some of them are really nasty folks and they think they are the only ones who have the truth and the only ones that are saved – which means – YES THEY ARE A THEOLOGICAL CULT that also uses sociological cult mind control techniques to control their people.

    If you have a specific question or concern about JP,, let me know and I can contact his wife and see if I can get a personal responce from him for you. Also if you have any questions about baptist,, just shoot. I have about a dozen books on the history and doctrines of the baptist denomination and if i don’t know the answer,, i” get it for you. THANKS

    Damon Whitsell
    The How2BecomeACristian
    Apologstics Network

  8. I recently and gladly purchased Justin Peters “A Call For Discernment” I am confident that you have already seen it. (I know that I am Late To the Party) I was curious though, if you have ever had occasion to meet with or talk with Brother Peters, btw I am attending a southern baptist church that adheres strictly to the Bible and we do not believe in baptismal regeneration, can you further articulate your concerns about baptists or a particular branch of baptists? I have been a christian for less than five years and have already dabbled in name it and claim it, I was told to understand the Bible fully I had to be on a deeper spiritual level (eg revelation knowledge) I had a friend who went to another church (new covenant christian center) and he kept trying to get me to acknowledge that once saved always saved was false, that began my skepticism and I thank God that it did, because I was not sucked into the wof vortex. I am now much more discerning and seriously practice acts 17:11 please write back if you would like

    Thank You for what you are doing to shine light into darkness and expose deceptive practices and teachings across the spectrum, obviously this is not just a pentecostal only problem!

    In Christ, James

  9. thanks. people in Taiwan are so confused in doctrine that easily mislead to word of faith , faith healing…

  10. Thank you Ann, I have lost many relationships because I cannot stand and watch men such as Bill Johnson deceive the masses. I personally know a lot of people who are under His influence and refuse to believe and accept God’s Word over Bill’s. Scary thought I think. I am sorry I haven’t responded quicker but I have needed a break for a while. I will be posting more in the future. Stay strong in the faith of our Lord Jesus Christ and be encouraged that you are not alone. God bless!

  11. I live in Redding, CA and have seen the huge influence Bill Johnson has had on the churches in this area. After I finally started to see that the church I was attending was teaching similar ideas of Bethel’s “kingdom teaching,” and emphasizing the supernatural, I left. I tried to warn others in the church of wrong doctine, but they just didn’t see it or care to see it. I am very concerned for churches today and was thrilled to find your website and listen to your audio teachings. Thank you so much! Be encouraged that you are doing a great job – you have helped me see that I was not overacting to what I was seeing in my church and have made me stronger to speak up about what I see effecting many of the churches in Redding.

  12. WoF audio = great stuff!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    we gotta talk. I’ll have time and want to do that WoF roundtable now, you up for it? send you a audio email. :):):)

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