Jacob Prasch moriel ministries: more intra-seal lies!


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Written by: Treena Gisborn Reblogged by: Closingstages Jacob Prasch continues to peddle his ill conceived intra-seal “doctrine” with gusto and has recently manufactured some further blatantly untruthful statements: Jacob Prasch “Who is The Restrainer” Sept 10, 2016 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q61kIzMkRqI  1 “The … Continue reading

Jacob Prasch Moriel Ministries: The gagging of the sisters!


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This Article was written by Treena Gisborn who’s blog site is “Wolves in Sheep’s clothing: False Prophets and teachers in the last days.” It is a good read and I find her to be accurate.  A very Good Article by her … Continue reading

An Encounter With A Madman..or Two..

Leadership out of control is something common today and the abuse of women by church leadership can no longer be tolerated. M’Kayla shares a recent experience of such abuse.

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Several years ago I came upon the teachings and writings of a very well known teacher, Jacob Prasch. We have had a little bit of discussion regarding his teachings and his not so nice temperament when others came forward and told of their experiences. I believe I have lost some readers because of his cruelty toward them.

Since there is always two sides to a story I was bothered, but moved on. Well, now I have had my own encounter and this is what I am here to expose. Here is where I will ask your forgiveness. I understand now the gravity of his abuse yet remain shaken.

Believe me, I am not happy to write this but it must be said.

For the last year, I have been listening to him quite a bit. I joined a couple of Moriel Friends groups on Facebook, most importantly for our discussion…

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