So, was David Lister a minister who was addicted to heroin? ~ Tim Wirth


Thanks Tim for sharing this, our prayers are with you and for those still on the fence. Blessings Notice on this video (see below) about David Lister,–c0bifM (this link no longer works as the video has been removed shortly … Continue reading



Great article Treena!! Thanks you. Two prewrath rapture teachers will be speaking at the 2019 Columbus Bible Prophecy Conference hosted by Fellowship Bible Chapel in October 2019. Alan Kurschner (Eschatos Ministries), and Charles Cooper (founder and director of the Prewrath … Continue reading



Once again, many thanks to Treena Gisborn and tbckawaii. More are waking up to the lies and deception. Praying for these churches and the sheep, for wisdom and discernment.

Fact Checking Jacob Prasch “The Spirit of Ahab and Jezebel” Part I


Here is Jacob Prasch’s teaching on the spirit’s of Ahab and Jezebel. ( 1 ) Below are a few quotes from his teaching that must be addressed. “We are all sons and daughters of Adam and Eve”…..“it’s easier for women … Continue reading

‘Jezebel Spirit’… seriously?

Want to thank Christine for an interesting article and add that we have been looking at this lie of the “Jezebel spirit” for several months now. We agree that many, happily, continue to feed this lie to a large portion of Christendom and many are adding to it by saying that there is even an “Ahab spirit” which means that both are now demonic spirits that apparently possess Christians. The money made peddling the books, teachings, DVD’s and other forms of merchandised “Jezebel spirit” is phenomenal and has, for decades, gone unchecked. The lie continues to trap and snare the body of Christ.

Ezer Kenegdo

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Hi, about the time Leanne wrote her post on the Jezebel Spirit, I also was writing a post to follow her soon after. A mite bit later than hoped, here it is…”

a couple of quotes to start the ball rolling…

“Jezebel crushes the will, and especially the will of man to make them passive. Jezebel’s main purpose is to destroy the image of Father God from the earth so that people will not want to reach out to Father God.” -Mariett Louw

“When a woman has a Jezebel Spirit she has first of all been Satanically seduced herself. Lets go back to the garden. The serpent came to Eve. He seduced Eve, then he used Eve to seduce Adam…” Jacob Prasch

The use of slandering women with having or operating under a ‘Jezebel spirit’ has been around for ages. Having been personally a past recipient of this smear campaign that…

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Catalyst Counselling/Jacob Prasch Part 3~ Graham Baldwin


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We are thankful to God and His grace and mercy that some are waking up to the lies and deception. We  pray that God will continue to use us to help those that have; to heal and recover.