The Jacob Prasch Files No.8: Australian Cult Information Service Places Moriel on List of Possible “Extremist Groups/Destructive and Manipulative Sects/Cults/High Pressure Groups.” — PowerPlayPause


I have uncovered several rather eye-opening articles about Jacob Prasch from the late 1990s and early 2000s. This is the eighth in the collection: Jacob Prasch’s group Moriel saw rapid expansion in Australia in the late 1990s, despite Prasch’s explosive behaviour, and his gurning about not receiving enough financial offerings, and being labelled by an Moriel Australia volunteer […]

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Jacob Prasch & The Shameful ‘Enabling 8’


During Fall 2018 Jacob Prasch the at-the-time-believed-to-be Jewish-American Bible teacher, sparked a series of witch-hunts on South African minister David Nathan, Scottish Christians Stewart and Deborah Menelaws of Global Vision 24/7 and British Christian group Intercessors For Britain. It caused various people to begin looking into Prasch’s claims that all were heretics or something akin to that. Research found that Prasch had lied about them all (as clear as day in video form). When that evidence was presented, instead of repenting of his exposed sins, Prasch doubled down, and encouraged his followers to do the same.

Catalyst Counselling, a British charity that helps those damaged by abusive religious groups, began investigating Prasch and found him to be guilty of spiritual abuse and bullying “of the worst kind”, and concluded Prasch was not a Christian as he showed non of the fruit of the Spirit the Book of…

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Saved in a cult and being a spiritual whistle-blower.

Understand the Times

Before I jump into a heavy topic like spiritual abuse I want to be sure to clarify that these blogs are written with the hope that things mentioned (much of which is personal experience not just a random railing against people) would cause people to draw closer to Christ and for people who are not saved, that they would truly begin to ponder their eternities. I am just as wretched as the one who is an enemy of God. Apart from Christ we are all at enmity with God. I am no better of a person than someone who chooses to remain separated from God. I want to make sure this is well understood by the reader as I understand some of my blogs can appear quite harsh at times. The biblical model of Christ Himself and the Apostle Pauls words and actions were very harsh and they…

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Share your story; Why you stopped following Moriel Ministries and affiliates ~


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If you are someone who no longer follows Moriel Ministries, Jacob Prasch, David Lister  and or their affiliates, and would like to share when, how and why you no longer follow them please consider sharing your story/testimony with us here. … Continue reading

John Haller: Devil’s Advocate [Faking Prophecy to Enable a Devil] — PowerPlayPause


On Saturday 5th October 2019, John Haller was teaching at Jacob Prasch’s Moriel Canada Conference in Richmond, BC. From there he did his Prophecy Update, his wildly popular and wildly repetitive rehashing of the news, repackaged as Christian discernment (instead of the possible reality of it being closer to TV addiction from a news junkie). […]

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So, was David Lister a minister who was addicted to heroin? ~ Tim Wirth


Thanks Tim for sharing this, our prayers are with you and for those still on the fence. Blessings Notice on this video (see below) about David Lister,–c0bifM (this link no longer works as the video has been removed shortly … Continue reading



Great article Treena!! Thanks you. Two prewrath rapture teachers will be speaking at the 2019 Columbus Bible Prophecy Conference hosted by Fellowship Bible Chapel in October 2019. Alan Kurschner (Eschatos Ministries), and Charles Cooper (founder and director of the Prewrath … Continue reading

‘Jezebel Spirit’… seriously?

Want to thank Christine for an interesting article and add that we have been looking at this lie of the “Jezebel spirit” for several months now. We agree that many, happily, continue to feed this lie to a large portion of Christendom and many are adding to it by saying that there is even an “Ahab spirit” which means that both are now demonic spirits that apparently possess Christians. The money made peddling the books, teachings, DVD’s and other forms of merchandised “Jezebel spirit” is phenomenal and has, for decades, gone unchecked. The lie continues to trap and snare the body of Christ.

Ezer Kenegdo

yeah right dog
Hi, about the time Leanne wrote her post on the Jezebel Spirit, I also was writing a post to follow her soon after. A mite bit later than hoped, here it is…”

a couple of quotes to start the ball rolling…

“Jezebel crushes the will, and especially the will of man to make them passive. Jezebel’s main purpose is to destroy the image of Father God from the earth so that people will not want to reach out to Father God.” -Mariett Louw

“When a woman has a Jezebel Spirit she has first of all been Satanically seduced herself. Lets go back to the garden. The serpent came to Eve. He seduced Eve, then he used Eve to seduce Adam…” Jacob Prasch

The use of slandering women with having or operating under a ‘Jezebel spirit’ has been around for ages. Having been personally a past recipient of this smear campaign that…

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Catalyst Counselling/Jacob Prasch Part 3~ Graham Baldwin


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We are thankful to God and His grace and mercy that some are waking up to the lies and deception. We  pray that God will continue to use us to help those that have; to heal and recover.    



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Thanks again Treena for the work you do in exposing error. This is the false teachings and doctrines we came out of and we know many who are still in it and deceived. Praying they heed the warnings and awake … Continue reading



This gallery contains 1 photo. This post investigates the timing of the mark of the beast in terms of a futurist, premillennial, pre-wrath rapture perspective. And I will grant authority to my two witnesses, and they will prophesy for 1,260 days, clothed in sackcloth. … Continue reading

Fact Checking Jacob Prasch ~ “THUS SAITH THE LORD”, on TBN~Part One


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      Here is a picture of Bill Cloud teaching at Sar Shalom Messianic Congregation, the same place Jacob Prasch will be speaking in just a few short weeks. Also here is a link that shows Bill Cloud on … Continue reading