Catalyst Counselling/Jacob Prasch Part 3~ Graham Baldwin


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We are thankful to God and His grace and mercy that some are waking up to the lies and deception. We  pray that God will continue to use us to help those that have; to heal and recover.    



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Thanks again Treena for the work you do in exposing error. This is the false teachings and doctrines we came out of and we know many who are still in it and deceived. Praying they heed the warnings and awake … Continue reading



This gallery contains 1 photo. This post investigates the timing of the mark of the beast in terms of a futurist, premillennial, pre-wrath rapture perspective. And I will grant authority to my two witnesses, and they will prophesy for 1,260 days, clothed in sackcloth. … Continue reading

Fact Checking Jacob Prasch ~ “THUS SAITH THE LORD”, on TBN~Part One


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      Here is a picture of Bill Cloud teaching at Sar Shalom Messianic Congregation, the same place Jacob Prasch will be speaking in just a few short weeks. Also here is a link that shows Bill Cloud on … Continue reading

The Holy Spirit will not operate the way Jesus predicted he would in John’s gospel (Jacob Prasch) Part 1


Jesus and the Apostles ministries were restricted The book Harpazo by Jacob Prasch In trying to unravel and understand the teaching of Jacob Prasch in his book Harpazo, one must read and re-read sections of his book. Most of which … Continue reading



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Please note that the this  article by Treena Gisborn has been updated. Also there are current comments from this update and everyone is encouraged to please read them, as they bring even more clarity and understanding to this confused issue … Continue reading

The Madman Under Investigation, Rightly So. — m’kayla’s korner


Recently, it was brought to my attention that Jacob Prasch of Moriel Ministries has been under somewhat of an investigation by an organization called Catalyst. Following is the video hosted by Mr. Graham Baldwin explaining the nature of the investigation involving Mr. Prash’s actions and behavior with an invite for others to come forward. %5B…%5D

via The Madman Under Investigation, Rightly So. — m’kayla’s korner

Error side by side with Error (Jacob Prasch quote on the Holy Spirit: “He will not operate the way Jesus predicted he would in John’s gospel”)


Treen Gisborn has been gracious enough to share this on her blog with an insightful introduction to the video, very informative:



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Once again, thank you Treena for the work you do, God bless you. The documents submitted by Moriel Ministries concerning David Nathan are rather mysterious as to their origin. They have been posted on a new website by an … Continue reading

To My Dear Friend…

Pastor Bill Randles Blog

My brother and friend, came along at just the right time, for me and for the wider Pentecostal and Charismatic church. This was at a time when the so called Toronto Blessing was raging, destroying the churches, making a  Mockery of Pastors and congregations, inducing formerly committed Christians into states of “spiritual drunkenness”, trances, irrational laughter and behaviour.

Even some of the more “solid “ ministries sold out to it, and gave their pulpits and congregations over to charlatons, hypocrites and absolute buffooons. 

God has used you my friend, you took them on and exposed their buffoonery, salvaging countless Christians from false churches and starting new works all over the world.

We Had never seen or heard anything like you …  your boldness  the amazing exposition of scripture, your fearless confrontation of religious politicians, hirelings and theocrats. You have been a wrecking ball against the Devil,s work… We gained…

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The Menelaws Are My Friends

The letter written by Pastor Bill Randles, has been removed by him from his blog.
Shared again with permission from Treena Gisborn


Posted by Bill Randles on December 1, 2018
“As my readers know, I have been involved in the ongoing debate concerning certain statements made by David Nathan which I and many others consider to be heretical. I have tried to help clear up any misunderstandings wherever I felt I could, as well as attempting to be fair and give the benefit of the doubt wherever possible.
Contrary to the opinions of a good many I have always maintained that I do not agree with the way people are being spoken of and treated in this debate by Jacob and certain Moriel reps. I have just tried to avoid going there, seeing the doctrinal issues of primary concern. Everyone knows that public relations aren’t Moriel’s strong point, but this goes too far.
However As this debate has shifted into a discussion of the Motives and actions of Stewart and Debbie Menelaws, I am forced to have to distance myself. I cannot stand by as they are portrayed as greedy, self serving, and even heretical,
I have always maintained that Stewart’s interview with David was inadequate, failing to ask the specific questions that would have either allowed David to clear up the concerns raised or would have forced him to be specific in what he believes.
But I have attributed to Stewart the best of motives in it knowing him to be a peace loving brother trying to help a bad situation.
Even when Stewart posted the small excerpt from the Q/A at my church, but didn’t include the previous segment of teaching by David which we all objected to, I didn’t and do not attribute dishonesty to Stewart in that. God alone knows the secrets of men’s hearts.
This has been a painful situation to the body of Christ, a tragedy!
I simply have to draw the line when the Menelaws are portrayed by a cheap shot cut and paste of a picture surrounded by hundred dollar bills. I am all for debate and discussion, but not character assassination. I know the Menelaws, and have been a guest in their house, they live simply, and seek to promote the gospel.
Furthermore it is unconscionable to post pictures equating the Menelaws with Jim and Tammy and the Crouch’s, they just aren’t in that category.
Many have sought to pressure me to take a side in this debate and have taunted me and challenged me to be even in my input, as if I am some kind of a referee at a prizefight. I am not taking sides, my side is with the Body of Christ, and the cause of truth,  I am not a partisan for any other side. My concern has been doctrinal, others can discuss politeness or the lack thereof, God didn’t call me to be the umpire.
But I don’t think the Menelaws merit being represented this way, I think I know them,  they, like the rest of us are trying to process this mess in the best way they can and need lots of prayer, as does the body of Christ.
In Jesus name, pas bill randles.”

The original Moriel video depicting the Menelaws as money grabbers by surrounding them with dollar bills has been taken down, edited and replaced with no explanation. As always, it is very necessary to expose the evidence of Prasch’s duplicity. I have obtained a screenshot of the original from Google Images: