Dear Pastor

Dear Pastor …..from…..The Sheep

Jer. 23:4 And I will set up shepherds over them which shall feed them: and they shall fear no more, nor be dismayed, neither shall they be lacking, saith the LORD.

This is an invitation for anyone who desires to voice their concerns about false teachings in their area to their local Pastoral Alliance/fellowship in your city or town. Email this, print it and snail mail it to your local Pastoral leadership and please let us know that you did.

To all pastors and spiritual leaders that are a part of a pastoral alliance in your city or town.

To whom it may concern:

This is  written with much grief and heartache to the shepherds who come together to pray for not only each other but their congregations.  Knowing that some in your midst are in error, or at least are suspect of teaching heresy.

  • Please don’t look the other way.
  • Pleasedon’t tell yourself, it’s not yours to deal with.
  • Please don’t think because their ministries seem to be thriving that maybe you have it wrong… don’t.
  • Please don’t tell yourself that God will take care of it, if you’re not willing to stand against it.
  • Please don’t allow anymore innocent sheep to wonder into their midst to be deceived and devastated by their false teaching. Surely you’ve all talked with or know someone who  have left these “ministries” and are emotionally or spiritually devastated, wounded and have a warped view of God, because of these ministers in your very midst.
  • Please don’t turn away the sheep that may run to you for help and comfort, because “you’ve heard about them” from the very minister you suspect are
    teaching heresy.
  • Please check out their teachings in depth, so that you will no longer have any doubts about what they are teaching, so as to make you capable of taking a stand against the false teachings and to attempt to correct.
  • Far too many sheep have been standing against these heresies without any shepherds to stand with and protect them, and because of that; many have been scattered, wounded, damaged and shunned. All the while they meet with you, weekly or monthly you pray for their ministry, even though you wonder if it’s Biblical or not.
  • Please consider the fact that if you have ministers in your midst that you either know or at least suspect teach heresy and you do nothing, your still accountable.
    This is not a simple disagreement on doctrinal issues, this is preaching, teaching
    false doctrine that lead people away from the truth.
  • Don’t want to rock the boat?? Then do nothing …but know those drowning sheep are crying out for men of God to stand and do the right thing…to protect and
  • Many of the sheep who have walked out of these deceptive ministries have not walked back into any of the “other” local churches in the area, some of it is because of the good ole boy network that seems to be thriving in some of the pastoral alliances. Everybody knows everybody, so rather than talk with the sheep they call the former pastor. Granted this topic could be talked about in depth. But the point that is being made here in this instance is: Those sheep who are leaving heresy teaching churches aren’t coming through your church doors. They instead are choosing to stay home, study on their own, find those who understand the pain of being deceived and then shunned, rather than risk another betrayal.
  • They go to the bloggers on the net to find out the information and support that is
    needed to heal and grow in the word and learn how to truly discern. In many ways the bloggers are becoming the spiritual leaders and healers of a large
    group of wounded sheep.
  • Dear Pastor, please stand for the pure true Word of God, please don’t leave us, please stand  with us and for us ……..The sheep.

Here are just a few things that you may or may not be aware of, concerning the false teachings that come under the Word of Faith umbrella, which by the way is “wide and broad” …this will specifically address ministries in your area that are affiliated with Bethel Church Redding California, Pastor Bill Johnson. He certainly did not event this wheel that is spinning by any means. Some of who Johnson admires and follows are Benny Hinn (who also prays at Kathryn Kulhman’s grave site), William Branham and others
that are “well known” among men.

This is a picture of some 2nd year Bethel School of Ministry students. They are “sucking up the anointing of Evan Roberts’ Grave” in Wales.
This is NOT Christianity people, this is demonic, it’s wrong. We’re never told to do this in the Bible. Please share it with people, to warn them.

  • Many visit/pray at grave sites of long dead spiritual leaders thinking they will be
    given an “activation” or anointing from the dead. Don’t think this is an isolated case, because it is not. They talk to the dead also…..
  • Jesus was born again
  • Contemplative prayer
  • Soaking prayer
  • “inner” healing rooms or groups i.e. sozo and shabar ministries
  • We are “little gods”
  • Christ laid down His divinity
  • Dominion Theology
  • Drunk in the Spirit
  • Slain in the Spirit
  • Activation and impartation of anointing’s
  • Meditation and Mysticism

The above bullets are a short list which concerns us…The Sheep.  It’s because of this very list many have left the churches they are in.  Further, we are concerned for you…our leadership, based on what James 3:1 which states; “Not many of you should become teachers (self-constituted censors and reprovers of others), my brethren, for you know that we [teachers] will be judged by a higher standard and with greater severity [than other people; thus we assume the greater accountability and the more condemnation] AMP.   We…The Sheep…are saddened by the lack of spiritual fortitude of you…Our Shepherds…who rub elbows with those who are teaching heresy and thus are misleading and deceiving us…The Sheep.

31 thoughts on “Dear Pastor

  1. Dear brethren,
    Greetings in the wonderful name of Jesus Christ. It is my hope that you are under good care of almighty Father above.
    It is good from you on how you are carrying on the lord’s work and that you are serving the Lord around the world and you are enriching God’s people with the wonderful word of hope in there hearts.
    As a pastor from Kenya I am very much eager to see you and to share with you the word of God and I’m very much inspired by your message. As a church pastor I could like to request you to come here in Kenya with your team so as to meet with my people and share with them as the Lord directs you. We also need you to teach us and to share with you much.
    We are also a church which needs to have a founder because it started with a small fellowship and God is going on blessing it. I will be praying for you for the word that you have sped in the hearts of men. pray also so marvelously for us in that may the lord to open your hand to bless us with 20 bibles if possible,many to learn about God through the Bibles.
    The church also holds kids who needs prayers so that they can meet their daily needs in life. This is the gift that the lord has given us to care for and to look after them, so I ask you to remember them in your prayers. pray also so hard for us may the lord to open doors to building house of prayers because many worshiping our lord out side like animals. please for your kindness pray for them.
    I pray the Lord to assist you in what you do so as to bring His people to His kingdom. Looking forward to hear from you soon.
    Yours in Christ,
    Pastor Wilfred

  2. Thanks for the info. Alan. It’s pretty obvious by the speakers that they have in their pulpit, that there’s a lot of false teaching going on. If you live in that area we hope and pray you find others to fellowship with. God bless

  3. there’s a church in Reno NV called River rock christian fellowship. Eric Moen is the Pastor, very strange teachings, he believes as you pray you can be on earth and heaven simultaneously. he has classes on this. he also has speaker such as Jesse Duplantis, Kat Kerr, Todd Bentley etc. they believe they’ve had a word that they were to bring revival to Reno. I believe they have dangerous, new age teachings

  4. I have been the victim of shunning by an Assemblies of God church. I left
    after many years there as a faithful member, and even though I saw many
    red flags I didn’t want to believe that this church, and where
    the people felt more like family, was
    operating out of the fear of man more than the fear of God.
    Their line was “Love God, and Love People”. Really??!! They were some
    of the biggest hypocrites, preaching one minute and insulting members
    of the church the next. Pointing fingers publicly with false accusation then
    going about their business as if nothing happened. They would publicly
    accuse people in crowded Sun. morning sermons and do nothing to
    help the people they had shamed overcome the pain of
    such rejection. When I decided enough was enough by the leading
    of the Holy Spirit I wiped the dust off my feet and left. I discovered someone
    from the church met with another local pastor and discussed me with him,
    making me out to be the “rebellious one to watch out for”. I was attacked verbally
    there which left me reeling. Now when I see anyone from that first church,
    except for a few people that remain friendly, I have been shunned, even by
    the pastors wife and her cohorts. But you know what? That has made me turn
    to my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ even more knowing that He truly will NEVER
    LEAVE ME or forsake me. The pastor has tried to ruin my reputation with lies
    and others are too blind to see that’s what’s happening. Everyone thinks that
    every word that comes from a pastors mouth is sent from God when God may
    have nothing to do with it. What they don’t realize is that when a true child of
    God starts treating their pastor or church leader like He stands in the place of
    God there is a very real danger that unless precautions are taken it can
    become a cult, or have a cult like presense. It would be too easy for a pastor
    to think more highly of himself than he ought. These days there is so much
    false teachings, from legalism to minimizing the importance of the cross. (Yes,
    I actually heard that in a third evangelical church I visited once…..never again.)
    I’ve also heard preaching on grace that pretty much said that once a person is
    saved there is really nothing he can do that God won’t automatically “cover”
    with the blood. Meaning we can pretty much do what we want to and since we
    are God’s children no real repentance is necessary. I too believe in the grace of
    God…I know we are saved by grace through Jesus. But preaching that it’s never
    necessary to confess our sin or repent of anything once saved is not true doctrine.
    God convicts me when I do something wrong; I repent so I can go forward with Him
    and nothing stands between us. He loves me too much to leave me the way I am.
    If someone thinks they are just fine the way they are and never have to repent,
    and then teaches the same to others, he is on the wrong path and leading others
    down the wrong path also. We are not saved by works, lest any man should
    boast. But keeping our hearts right with God leads to freedom….to say we
    have no sin is a sin in itself! (1 John 1:8)


  6. Lisa, not sure how to be of assistance, other than prayer which I will certainly keep you and your husband in. Would like to be of assistance if possible but not sure what you are dealing with when you say your husband is being deceived. Keeping you in prayer.

  7. Please help! My husband is being deceived and is completely disrepectful to me but says that I am the one who drank the koolaid re: growing up under A Pastor who taught the Word of God! We live in San Diego Co.

  8. Thank you Allie, I’ll look into it, I’m not sure you can hide the names anymore, FB has made many changes but I’ll see what I can do…thanks so much.

  9. Are you aware that on the FB page “reign scent ministries” that one is able to pull up all of the members and see their names? I just did it. You may want to get that changed so that all the member’s names are not open to public viewing.

  10. Tracy, I had a pastor I was close to too, I use to think he would eventually do the right thing, he never did. In fact, he is now deeper in deception as he follows the teachings of Bill Johnson. We have separated ourselves from him in obedience to God’s Word. It is painful sometimes to do the right thing, but we must obey God over man. God bless you on all your comments, It excites me to see people coming out of the Word of Faith movement and return to the practical faith found in God’s Word. May the Lord bless you!

  11. I and my wife was involved in a word of faith church for over 16 yrs. All the time trying to convience the pastor of the error of his doctrine. You may ask why did we stay there so long will the answer is we were real close friends with the pastor and always hoped he would come around to the truth. We went to his bible school and went to remha winter retreats. They were personal friend with the big wigs in the faith movement . We was involved in the worship team and music specials but because we didnt adopt the wof dogma we always were kept at arms length at church but outside of church we were treated different. I dont want to get into the bad things that happened at church but the wof doctrine comes from the pit of hell. We will continue to pray for them but never treat them like they did with us. God has done a miraculous work in our lives. He has set our feet on solid ground and where ever he leads us we will go. But it has to be the lord.

  12. I went ahead and sent this to the pastor that I thought was going to help about the pregnancy center, the one who got reeled in by their lies. I hope he sees the light and realizes what he is supporting is totally against God.

  13. Thankyou!

    ..and He makes streams in the desert! I’m so glad we serve a God who knows and sees every situation; it can all be turned to something good.
    Keep looking to the things ahead! 🙂

  14. Lol had to laugh about the dial up land, we live in the middle of no where and it hasn’t been that long ago since we had dial-up, it was the only thing available for a while. Hope you join us, we so need each other and God has His ways for bringing us together. 🙂

  15. Hey Joy,
    It’s always such a blessing when we hear how God has rescued another from the deception that has flooded into so many churches today. It’s also bitter sweet because we too know that it’s also hurtful and painful and sometimes the people and leadership we have left can be very vicious and mean at times.You have a wonderful testimony of how gracious and great our God is in how he delivered you out of this and He will use it to help others. That’s one of the things we discovered, we were depressed and wounded and thought we had wasted so much time chasing after these things, we are now seeing how God has taken our “wasted time” and is using it to help and comfort others. God bless will continue to pray and hold you up, be blessed.

  16. Eunice,
    I’m so sorry to hear that and will keep her and you all in prayer. These “healing ministries” are way off track but then they have to be because they have no solid Biblical foundation from the start, it’s just tragic. But God is faithful and knows who are His and how to deliver us out of all.

  17. Thankyou for the reply and encouragement, it is so appreciated! I will check out your facebook group when I am out of dialup-land. Ahhhh. It’s such a relief to just be secure in knowing who you are in Christ and where you’re going, without having to “work for” salvation or measure up to people. Man oh man. God is SO gracious and good to us.
    God bless, you folks are in my prayers as well!
    Acts 5v29

  18. Hey Joy
    I hope that’s your name :D. Thank God your out, We too know the pain, regret, shame and hurt of being ostracized by those that you were once so close to. It took us a long time to trust and find fellowship with other Christians that had come out of deception too. There are many and we are here looking for those like yourself that need encouragement, support, fellowship and prayer. I don’t know if you have facebook or not but if you do we’d like to invite you to join our group here’s the URL to it it is a closed group which means it’s private and only the members can see the posts. Most, not all, in the group have come out of the very same thing you have, my wife and I included. We also have skype, if you’d be interested at some point. It took us a long time to deprogram from all the false teachings we had learned and still are today, although it is much less than when we started. Be encouraged your not alone and we will keep you in prayer. Never apologize for “rambling” it’s a blessing to hear how God brought you out of this, He is always so faith. God bless

  19. Oh man, thankyou so much for this. I’m SO GRATEFUL for the work you and other bloggers, ex-WoF or not, put in to standing for the Truth and nothing but. It’s an answer to prayer, though different from what I expected (funny how that is..;)) I’m a couple months out of a WoF “church” and am finally able to read my Bible in peace, without feeling like I’m walking through a tornado – this movement really messed me around. I’m finally sleeping at night, I’m bearing good fruit again, I’m not having a new nightmare every night or sick every morning. I’m still praying that I’ll be able to talk to someone who’s experienced it and left, because there’s so much I still feel confused about and I think I’ve burned the bridges between people who were “too religious” and were tainting my new spirituality/tower of babel. But I know there’s a light at the end of the tunnel, and blogs like these are a tremendous help right now – Thankyou.

    I have been wanting to send something like this to many pastors I know – it’s overwhelming to say the least – all this nonsense has been creeping into my small town, they want to ‘take the town!’ and it seems the other churches just ignore them or are ignorant – people are getting sucked in, flattered, manipulated and decieved, and the ones who test it and eventually leave are mocked by the congregation. So many obvious signs that I should have left, and I didn’t. *COUGH*cult*COUGH*

    It all started for me when I went as a youth leader to the TACF youth conference at easter ’09, knowing little about the weird stuff that went on there, except that my ultra-conservative upbringing called it “demonic”. At the time I was slowly, unknowly having my pride puffed up, being told that I was part of the only church in town that God would move in, because we were supposedly so hungry for Him He would only “flow” there. So I went along warily, but more open-minded than I normally would have. Anyway, right before we left the first day of the conference, a fellow leader prayed for me, and you’ll think I’m crazy, but I literally felt something bumping around in me, and I had a distinct “picture” of it, that a grey, billowy, tadpole-shaped thing was moving around violently in my gut like a scared fish would if you put it in a jar. I was told, “It’s the Holy Spirit!” but I felt so sick, like I was walking around outside of my body, I felt euphoric and happy, but drunk and anxious, out of control – what small-town, conservative church leader would take me seriously if I told them that?! After coming out of this stuff, repenting and renouncing what I was involved in I don’t feel it anymore, but that stupid thing would “flare up” at church, while leading worship, whenever – I’d feel so sick, and people would be all over me trying to “get” the Holy Spirit. Ugh!

    Anyway… God slammed shut my door into that place when I stopped hopping up and down for signs and wonders and began asking simply to be led into Truth, even if it meant losing my leadership position, friendships and a serious relationship. I felt like I was going behind the backs of the pastors. Through a serious of non-miraculous, non-gold-dust-covered events, I pretty much lost everything that was important to me. Things changed quickly, it was awful, I’ve never been in so much pain as I was. But I’m grateful for the way things happened, because I know I won’t turn back to the people there. All I know is God is faithful and He will do it!

    You might be interested in checking out the Critical Issues Commentary articles if you don’t know of them – they’ve also been a huge help in getting myself back on track.

    Thanks again, and sorry for the rambling. 🙂

  20. Thank you Eunice, I’m sorry to hear about your daughter. I have a friend who I love very much who is heavily involved in the Sozo ministry of Bill Johnson. It to is an inner healing therapy done by people who are not qualified psychiatrist. She is now on medication for psychotic episodes. This movement is destroying her life and her marriage. Don’t loose heart, keep speaking up! More and more people are starting to listen, a little. I know it’s hard, I’ve been called everything in the book but I am resolved to cling to the truth of God’s Word and just keep saying it. God bless!

  21. Thank you for writing this. I lost a daughter to recovered memory therapy practiced by a ‘Christian’ psychiatrist. I have been trying to warn pastors and others here in Canada about inner healing therapy, contemplative prayer, etc. without any success. Keep speaking truth.

  22. I have Sandy, no longer need to experience anymore, most are a generic version of all the big dogs strutting around our Country. It’s not hard to see it if you just look a little!

  23. Why not go & experience some of these ministries yourself instead of relying on others reports??

  24. I have read through your entire blogsite and I thank you for taking the stand for the truth of God’s Word above all the other “stuff” out there. Please keep up the good fight of faith.

  25. Rev. Al,
    Completely agree with you. Also you have no idea how good it is to hear from a Pastor, there are so few out there willing to take a stand and say enough! Can’t decide if it’s more the people wanting their ears tickled or the pastor’s who are really just hirelings and or false prophets. Either way it’s a tragic mess and extremely difficult to find anyone such as yourself who has drawn the line. God bless you brother. You have been an encouragement at a time when I just can’t take anymore.

  26. Amen Rev. A.R. I’m starting to feel a little like Noah, you warn and warn and plead and plead for people to believe the Word of God and for preachers to start preaching it in its purity but….but…they are a lot like goats. They act like there is no absolute truth “Jesus,” any way is ok, every man doing what is right in his own eyes. Well…It’s appointed unto man once to die, and then the judgment…God help us!

  27. This has been a problem for many years now. It all started with liberalism, tolerating this, tolerating that, apostasy in small undetectable steps. I’ve been warning people about this deviation for over 40 years and still they don’t listen! It all about what “easy-believism, Jesus will solve all your problems, don’t touch my comfort-zone” has introduced in the lives of millions of people.
    I do agree 100% that we need to return to conservative churches that do no compromise God’s word. This is all that’s needed, not cream-puff-pie-preaching-preachings, but those like Jonathan Edwards. It’s better to tell the truth even if it hurts than pass around the pillows.

    Rev. A R

  28. Thanks Damon, and I will fix the typo! lol. I does feel good that bloggers are doing the work of the ministry. Reaching people with the truth of God’s word is rewarding in itself. God bless brother, and yes, Mail, mail, mail!

  29. Hi Mike, just seen this and have to say GOOD JOB BROTHER!

    YOU SAID “They go to the bloggers on the net to find out the information and support that is needed to heal and grow in the word and learn how to truly discern. In many ways the bloggers are becoming the spiritual leaders and healers of a large
    group of wounded sheep.”

    That is so true, I am honored to be affiliated with a small group of bloggers (you included) that are doing this very thing. We never really wanted to do this, we had to become self feeders to stay alive, it just so happens that we also learned how to feed other sheep that are starving and depraved from Healthy Spiritual Nutrition.

    I am going to be praying to see if I should email this to my pastor and I’ll snail mail it to a church that did not like me visiting a while back.

    As usual your writing is excellent but there is one huge typo on your ninth bullet point from the top.


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