I got saved into a pentecostal style church; which didn’t teach anything deep at all, so when I heard Jacob Prasch on the Daniel Project documentary I started to listen to more of his teaching and was amazed at the stuff he taught, I wasn’t being taught this in church, I was hooked on the teaching and attended several teaching days and I also promoted him to people, I used to tell people to listen to his teaching but don’t take on his attitude. (which I now know how crazy it is to say that) But unbeknown to me I was starting to take on his attitude. I was becoming judgmental and used to attend churches and as soon as they said one thing differing from Jacob Prasch’s doctrine I would be thinking in my head ” HERETIC”. As I started to grow more in the faith I drifted from Jacob’s teaching but periodically dove back in to hear his views on certain subjects, then Jacob Prasch’s treatment of David Nathan was quite simply disgusting, then he turned his attention to the Menelaws and Intercessors for Britain and I knew almost everything he said about them was lies because I knew the truth about them, I was disgusted how could a professing Christian just lie over and over without fear of the LORD? he has willingly bore false testimony against them and slandered them all in the public realm. I no longer can consider him a brother in the faith because he shows no fruit of the spirit, he’s also disqualified from ministry on so many levels according to God’s Word, yet he persists in the same attitude, completely unrepentant for all the damage he’s done and continues to do.

I’m thankful the Lord opened my eyes to all Moriel’s tomfoolery and has softened my heart.