I started listening to him when I purchased a conference video from David Hocking. It was the first time I listened to Prasch. As a new believer I did not know that I was being led the wrong path. Prasch said something to this effect, ‘they don’t teach you this stuff in seminary’. In other words he has some insight no one else has. I did not know that is a red flag warning. I also listened to another Messianic Jewish man whom Prasch gave the thumbs up. What they were saying was that the Jewish believers have more insight into scripture than a Gentile does because they were brought up with scripture. The truth be told is that they were brought up with Rabbi’s teachings (not Prasch a Gentile) and not the reading of Scripture, and without the New Testament. Coming from a SDA background you can see the problem. My friend and I overlooked his demeaner unfortunately, his false teaching,and we believed we were being taught. I bought all his tapes and some of his books. We watched them, and shared them. It has only been since last year I learned that something was very wrong. The very first problem that I searched out was the Midrash. Then my eyes started to open as I heard the truth from pastors who warn crying in the wilderness. I believe this was God leading me out. Let me tell you what angers me more than all the false teaching of Jacob Prasch. The fact that he LIED about being Jewish. That was the icing on the cake for me, thank you Trina . Why on earth does anyone give him any platform knowing he is a major deceiver, a liar, a hypocrite, and not Jewish? HOW CAN ANYONE CALL JACOB PRASCH A BROTHER? It is impossible. For ANYONE to share a platform with Jacob Prasch, and share his teachings on their websites or churches are partakers of his deeds. I do not listen to anyone who shares a platform with him. They are either liars themselves or quite deceived. If you are deceived come out of her! Bill Randles, you need to be retaught, get Prasch out of you! For you still teach falsely yourself but you can’t see it yet, you need to get out completely. Throw it all into the trash can like I did. Prasch seemingly being a CONVERT to Judaism is a Judaizer! We do not convert to Judaism when we get saved people.