Soldier to the King

I like many had some poor church experiences and instead of throwing away the baby with the bath water, I knew the Bible had to be the truth but that Churches for some reason seem be often be corrupt with many people who reflect what Ghandi said “I like your Christ but not you Christians”. In searching for some deeper meat I came across Prasch and he hooked me in with some of his midrash teachings. He took portions of Scripture that Christians wrestle with to make sense of especially when it comes to some forms of hard prophecy. It seemed like a breath of fresh air. The Jewish schtick of his, the Hebrew, and his perceived zealous confidence communicated through his abrasive, yet interesting old school New York boldness seemed quite unique. He would say things that no other Pastor would and it seemed to gratify my flesh. Made me feel superior to other Christians as if I had some esoteric depth of faith that would make me one of the “chosen” for end times deception. I found myself scolding people, scoffing at people, and looking down on simple faith Christians. After all, I knew how to pull back the curtain on the second coming along with a small remnant of other Morielites. At that time I had a few friends who really displayed the simple love of Christ without all the eschatology and theology. They served, loved, stuck close to the gospel and preached in love. I thought to myself “would their lack of eschatological knowledge be the basis of being faithful or deceived? Would children who know the Lord be judged for not knowing who the antichrist is per-se? NO! faith is for all, for every person who loves Christ. It is revealed in humility not arrogant “deeper” knowledge. Then I attended a Prasch conference and watched him insult people in the church from the pulpit in horrendous worldly jokes that left many in the church jaw opened wondering how he could say that. Could the holy spirit be inspiring this arrogance, railing, and hurtful words? Surely it could not. After spreading the Prasch gospel to friends, many of them would come back hurt as Prasch would lay into teachers they had gained faith from often times due to rumor or distortion. After I saw enough people hurt by his words I knew I had to walk away know matter how knowledgeable. So glad I walked away but now I know his “knowledge” is a charismatic sham. He gives so many ingredients that cater to our itching ears, and feed our pride. The midrash, over typology, the angry cultic railing is all ingredients to hook your heart and especially if you have had bad church experience like me. Most of his members are people who do not go to church or have churches that have an attitude like prasch arrogant towards other Christians. So glad I walked away and praying for others to do the same.