I’ve never been a follower of Moriel or Jacob Prasch, however I know who and what he is. I have watched Josh Chavez/Servus Christi videos, almost since day one. I never knew he followed Jacob until the David Nathan blow out. I approached Josh then, expressing my concern, due to the latest, at the time, video of Jacob’s teaching on the end times and an alien deception. Our convo didn’t go so well. I didn’t watch his videos as much after that…but still continued to watch the ones that caught my attention. Until recently…the Bill Randles blow out, and this Metatron teaching of Jacobs. I emailed Josh with my concerns again, almost begging him to quit following Jacob. He responded in an email: (copied and pasted)

I do sincerely pray that you have been edified in truth through whatever you have found here.
I can assure you that Jesus and therefore truth is my only motivation.

I have learned a tremendous amount from Jacob and for that, will always be grateful. No, he’s not perfect. And no, that does not excuse error where and if t is evident.

Some things said about him may be true. Others are half truths and still others are complete fabrications; deliberate false witness.

I pray the Lord corrects any faults I may have and shows me more clearly the way of righteousness that His name would be honored and not defamed.
I pray this for Jacob as well.

As the Lord leads, I will follow Him. If that means walking away from anyone at anytime, I can assure you I have no issue with that.

I follow Jesus, not Jacob.

God bless.

In Christ,
Servus Christi

After reading that…I was so relieved! To me, it sounded like Josh was admitting Jacob had been in error, stating some of what is said about him is true, and ending the email stating he follows Jesus…not Jacob. I emailed Josh back…my mind at ease, that he was not following Jacob, and expressed that. I guess it wasn’t a week or two later (which is today), I saw on Servus Christi’s page, Josh posting Jacob’s video in the comments and telling someone to watch it! I emailed him and responded on Servus Christi, that he lied to me. I was led to believe he did not follow Jacob, but now he’s posting Jacob’s videos telling people to watch it and be blessed! Needless to say, my comments didn’t go over so well. I was told in the email to “quit being emotional”. And on his FB page, he said I was lying about his email.
I thought highly of Josh…I think he’s extremely smart with amazing biblical knowledge. But I feel duped. Someone who can call out false teachers left and right….but then to follow a man like Jacob Prasch and endorse him….I’m crushed. I will admit to my own fault…I made excuses for Josh for a year to why he was announcing for Jacob, I’ll take the blame for that. But, I’ve never heard Josh endorse Jacob until today on his own page…it was an eye opener, and I’ll never watch his videos again.