How a Rising Religious Movement Rationalizes the Christian Grasp for Power ~ by David French


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On the dangers of the Seven Mountain Mandate. One of the great challenges of the present age is deciding when ideas or concepts that are seemingly far from the mainstream are worth highlighting and critiquing. On the one hand, there’s … Continue reading

Christian Mystics: Satan among us!


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I know your works, and where you dwell, where Satan’s throne is – Rev. 2:13 “But salvation is not a transaction; it is the formation of a new life. There is but one salvation for all mankind and that is … Continue reading

Contemplative Spirituality: Where its from and where its going


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Contemplative Spirituality can be defined as different spiritual paths, or personal spirituality that uses ancient mystical practices to induce an altered state of consciousness in the effort to connect and commune with God. Fundamentally, contemplative spirituality is the hub of … Continue reading