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  1. You certainly shouldn’t take on what I or any others have said concerning Prasch without holding all to the light of scripture. If it then rings true, your concerns for 30+ years have been confirmed.

  2. The tragedy is that whilst you are excoriating Jacob Prasch – a man I have been most concerned about for 30+ years, you hide yourself so we have no way of knowing what YOUR agenda might be, which is so not helpful. Upon reading the Word of God which I have been doing regularly for 43+ years from cover to cover, it would seem that when referring to things which are hidden it is always in a negative context. I am mindful of a very old saying: “Tell the truth and shame the devil!” You do your ’cause’ no good by hiding, as I said this is a tragedy because I cannot take on board that which you have written despite being pretty sure that you are most probably correct about Prasch whose vitriolic, violent and virulent intemperate language would be better suited to hell than heaven.

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