It’s to my shame that up to a year and a half ago I was clueless as to how wide spread the disception of the Word of Faith Movement is.   I have always been a serious student of God’s Word but that’s where I lived.  I never would look around at the world around me and compare “Men of God,” or ministries, or what was being taught with God’s Word.  Now that the Lord has really opened my eyes and I started to speak out I have discovered that I am more isolated and estranged from people and what we call “church” than I have ever been before.  After all, I have really made people angry by just point blank telling them they are being lied to.  But at the same time, I have never experienced more of the peace of God.  I’m happy in my relationship with him and I know I’m doing His will.  And for me, that is enough!  That’s why I started blogging, it’s not my desire to come across judgmental, or condemning, but if you really look at how Jesus treated the religious leaders of His day, he was never polite to them.  He was always frank, brutally honest, and rebuked them sharply because he cared for their eternal soul.  And that’s what it’s all about, the soul.  Sadly, masses of people are being carried down to the portal’s of hell itself by false teachers, prophets, and apostles.  I can do nothing less than cry out loud in an attempt to warn them to look to the Savor Jesus Christ and trust and follow him.

I was born again and came to know Jesus Christ at the age of 19, on September 14, 1979.  For me it was a dramatic experience as I had suffered many things as a child and a teen.  From that point on life would never be the same.  Long story short, I was in the Baptist Church untill 1991.  There is much I could say about my experience in the Baptist church however an article would serve better so I’ll not say anymore now.  I was out of church from 1991 until 1997 when I married my wife Pat and we started attending a Penticostal Church.  Over the next seven years, I answered God’s call to preach the Gospel, went to college and in 2004 started a church plant.  It was during the four years there that God began to open my eyes to just how faulty the church structure was and how corrupted our church leaders had become.  After being lied to repeatedly, after being ignored and shunned, after numerious broken promises from those who claim superiority over you, you start to wonder where all the integrity has gone.  I realized that I existed for their benifit, as long as I kept sending the money in I was on good terms with them, however, I was indigenious as far as they were concerned.  That meant I was on my own.  I was accountable to them while they were in no way responsible for me or to me.

After four years, God lead my wife Pat and I to close the church.  This was very hard for me to except, we had reached many with the Gospel, seen people rise up to maturity, and felt we had done a good work in spite of the hardships and trials we encountered.  We decided to move to Georgia were we stayed for seven months before moving back to our home town in Ohio.  It was at this time that the Lord opened our eyes to mass disception of the WoF.  Since our return we have studied God’s word carefully, and have tried to reach those still influenced by the Word of Faith movement.  Our attempts have in many ways fallen short, only a few have heard God’s call to leave it and follow Jesus.  The rest, well lets say our work is not done.  Untill then, I am resolved to do what ever it takes to reach as many as I can with the truth of God’s Word and exalt Jesus Christ as Lord over His Church, for He is the only Soveriegn (1 Timothy 6:15)

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  1. We have stopped posting on “connecting outside the camp”. Our intention is to incorporate the articles into Mike’s blog “closingstages”. Thank you for your comment and we certainly understand your dissatisfaction, our exit was due to false teachings and doctrines being taught and that we believed in for a long time. We are thankful to God for his mercy in bringing us out and opening our eyes to the deception. Not sure if you have anyone to fellowship with in your area, we know how difficult that can be today, but we will keep you in prayer. If you’d like to share what you went through feel free to share. God bless

  2. Glad to find another link to people who have left the institutional church. My wife and I were involved for over fifty years. We came to a point where we were highly dissatisfied with the weekly service of one person talking while the rest of us sat there and listened. We both knew this was not what God intended his church to be. We left the organization three years ago and have not regretted it. Like many of you, we look for our brothers and sisters who are on the same path to talk with and encourage. So glad there are sites like this to help bring us together.

  3. Hello Mike
    In response to blog at the top regarding Watchman Nee and Witness Lee. As the sister uses the term “Local church” to describe this group it is certainly Witness Lee and to be avoided like the plague. You can check out the whole Witness Lee testimony (Walter Martin’s analysis — he did others, you can google)

    Watchman Nee separated from Witness Lee when he began to teach a dominating and exclusive message (We are the true church) and to begin to preach Sabellianism (Oneness Pentecostal teaching)
    Having worked in CHina for many years I have seen much fruit from Watchman Nee’s work but only chaos from Witness Lee
    Grace and peace
    Phil S.

  4. Kathy I have never heard of Watchman Nee and Witness Lee so I cannot give an opinion concerning them. My advice is get very familiar with the Scripture and compare everything and everyone to the Truth of God’s Word.

  5. I have been out of institutional church a long time and have been seriously lacking fellowship with like minded believers. I recently discovered Local Church at (locality) that follows teachings of Watchman Nee and Witness Lee.It seems to be free of so much of what is false in the harlot church system. I don’t want to fall into deception again though and am wondering if there are any red flags I should take note of and would appreciate comments along those lines.

  6. We are trying to connect others like ourselves who have no area churches that are not polluted with some form or another of false teachings. We have started a facebook page and another blogsite where people can be points of contacts in their local areas and we are praying others who are of the remnant will be led by God to find each other for fellowship, study and growth.
    We have not been teaching on the Baptism of the Holy Spirit but we do know that at least 90%, if not more, of what we had been taught concerning the gifts and Baptism of the Holy Spirit were in fact false and twisted. So we know certainly that both of these things (the gifts and baptism) remain and operate today, we also know that God has to re-teach us through His Word.
    We have been in the battle for a long time now and there is still much God has to teach us in, this is one area that we have not gotten into yet but it certainly is something that we have recently discussed and we both know we need to dive into. Thank you for that reminder and as you say especially in these last days.
    Below are the links of our page and site if you’d like to check them out, if you haven’t already. We are just starting, as you know it’s a process. Prayers appreciated, praying for you and your group also, so thankful you have shared that.
    God Bless you


  7. Hi, Mike,

    Thank you for stopping by my latest post, and I have been catching up on yours, as well.

    I scanned through a few contributions from your commenters, to find people having a hard time finding some kind of church, anymore, that isn’t caught up in some kind of heresy or wrong teaching. It’s so sad, these days.

    However, I read that you and your wife are involved in what sounds like a home fellowship of sorts.

    Several of my friends and family are now engaged in this kind of fellowship. Sometimes it is only two of us, at other times, three or four, but every Sunday we meet, study, pray, and watch teaching videos to stay in the Word,and keep each other focused on Jesus. Prophecy updates are also included in our sometimes several hours’ gathering time.

    Just now, it seems that every time we turn around, more and more people of “the remnant,” as we tend to think of ourselves and others who have left mainline denominational churches for the same reasons I read here, are teaching and preaching on the Baptism of the Holy Spirit. That’s what our “group” has been “hearing” as well. I wonder if this is also what you and your wife have also been impressed with, too? I haven’t read all of your posts and maybe you have written on this topic.

    Our strong impression is that Jesus wants His people to be “armored up,” and “empowered” by ALL that the Holy Spirit gifts His people with for the times we are currently in. Unprecedented, many say.

    Side note: I scanned someone’s comment here on the Bible Study Fellowship. I was invited to participate in this group many years ago, and unless they have changed, my local group, anyway, was heavily behavior-focused and had several cult-like practices. I finished a commitment to a six-week involvement because I promised a friend of mine I would, but I just saw and experienced too much to continue. I explained why to her, and she said “that’s what my husband thinks of it, too.” So just my two cents. Maybe it was just my local group and maybe they have reverted back to the founder’s principles which I researched before I began and found stable.

    Always glad to hear from you and yours, and appreciate anything your fellowship is “hearing” from the Lord, as I think these kinds of groups are what has emerged out of the growing apostasy of these end-of-the-era mainline churches. Mainly, our little fellowship is being prompted to “keep our focus and eyes on Jesus Christ, looking neither to the left nor to the right.”

    Blessings and grace to you, today.
    Phyllis Nissila

  8. Just a comment: anyone who says that a Christian can lose their salvation is saying that Jesus is an incompetent shepherd. He is the Great Shepherd of the Sheep (Hebrews).
    Don’t let anyone rob you of your Christian grace in which we stand.

  9. How can I email you a question? I’ve had one from the wof movement for a few years, and nobody wants to touch the “hot potato” because I believe their position to be heresy. I had one person kind of “sniff and bark” and then walk away. I think it’d be a good topic to write about – I can’t be the only one entertaining this issue. Thanks! 🙂

  10. Amen Sister! I hope you are able to influence your friend to look deeper into the Word of God. I’m amazed at how God leads His people, your testimony is very encouraging. God bless!

  11. HI, Mike,
    Thank you for “liking” my recent blog On God Theories and Free Will.

    On another topic, interestingly, just recently I met another Christian who it turns out is quite taken with Word Faith teachers such as Kenneth Copeland, Kenneth Hagan, Charles Capps (the late) and so on. She is a neighbor and we have started walking together.

    I haven’t really been around that particular sub-set of believers, so to speak, for many years. Back in, say, 1979-80 or so, I was pretty taken with WF (rather vulnerable, having been a Christian for only a few years at that time). I remember the angst, frustration, yet, the desperate hope of trying to see the reality of “speaking things into being” that is, when you boil it all down, the mantra of those cults. And I read plenty of the books and teachings available at that time.

    When I realized “in my gut” (aka, via the Holy Spirit’s prompting) that something was just not quite right and I turned to the Lord for help and clarification, this Scripture came to mind: “by the power of signs and wonders, through the power of the Spirit of God. So from Jerusalem all the way around to Illyricum, I have fully proclaimed the gospel of Christ” (Romans 15:19).

    By this reminder, I realized clearly,that is to say, what the Holy Spirit was saying to me in response to my prayer, that signs and wonders are associated with the preaching of the Gospel, NOT the preaching of signs and wonders (for even Satan can do signs and wonders). The Gospel in full context, that is.

    Right there and then, I was “delivered,” and I moved on. And, of course, the angst, frustration (mostly with others who just wouldn’t accept those teachings), and desperate hope disappeared almost immediately. And then, I got back into the Word of God itself for much ongoing study.

    I heard somebody recently say that the Church needs to get back to “teaching the Bible,” not teaching FROM the Bible. I think that is a key point in helping ourselves stay safe from cults such as WF. Anybody can weave a pretty picture of this or that by selecting a verse here and one there to “support” any teaching they want to come up with. However, the text in context supports itself, no addendums or “new revelations” needed.

    I gently shared my brief testimony with my neighbor and we will see what she makes of it, or if I ever see her again. I think I will, though, She’s going through a tough time right now and maybe also seeing that you can’t just “speak this or that into being”…there IS that issue of God’s sovereign will. And I wonder what CopelanHaganCapps folks think of the martyrs in the Middle East right now, if maybe those men, women, and children just don’t have enough faith to repel the ISIS murderers or what…

    And one more thing, speaking of new revelations…Copeland’s quite famous agreement with “unity” with Pope Francis. This should clarify a lot about the WF people, as Copeland is pretty much their own pope.

    In some ways, I tell you, having come through the length, depth, and breadth of Roman Catholicism all the years of my growing up has really helped me in discernment. Pretty much, every cult that exists is an offshoot of some teaching, practice, extra-Biblical dogma, idol worship, etc., etc., of that religious system. And now even the Pope is cool…

    Nevertheless, I try to stay very close to the Lord and very discerning.

    Blessings to you and yours.

  12. I respect this highly. I have been to a Jesus Culture conference. I really didn’t experience anything this most people are saying but my eyes are definitely opened and alert. False prophets are arising more than ever, and the only way to really avoid it is to stay in the Word of God. Thanks for this blog.

  13. Virginia, I have been extremely busy and have some other pressing situations that I have to deal with and I haven’t been on here much lately. Thank you for you words of encouragement for us all. Planning on commenting more when things slow down. God bless

  14. Hello again,
    I tried adding a comment at one of your other blogs but it appears the moderator didn’t think it useful to include and that’s ok. I’m still trying to get my head around who is who on this site and I may have gotten confused about who was who in my comments at that blog entry.

    All I want to say is that this site has been an encouragement to me and it has assisted me in my assessment about the content of certain books that have Bill Johnson’s name to them. I believe it’s important to prove ministry is of God and that it is teaching the correct balance to Scripture (rightly dividing the Word of Truth) and to help me determine that, I go to the internet, it is a great place to begin the investigation and as I did, I found your site.

    Thank you it is has been most helpful.

    It really is a time of being discerning and proving all things and holding fast to that which is good and ensuring our hearts don’t become bitter and angry. Lets’s trust God to work things out and He will and He does. We study to make ourselves approved unto God so that we aren’t ashamed when we handle the Word of God.

  15. Thank you for your hard work and understanding of the Word. It is refreshing to see like minded believers fighting against the deception of what is being portrayed as being Christian. May God bless you in this calling.

    Your Brother in Christ.

  16. Please be encgouraged. There is a small growing affect and people are becoming informed. I have seen that Bill Johnson has mad references to opposition here in the US, that is more effective them the witchcraft that they experience in Africa. I would call this an indication that things aren’t going as smashing inside the cash machine that Bethel, the charismatic movement and NAR are. It’s all a hyper mystical reissue of the 80s TV evangelists wearing tight jeans and acting like hipsters, trying to be relevant and fleece the flock.

  17. Andrew, I haven’t had much luck convincing those in the Sozo Ministry of Biblical truth. They are conditioned in a way where they have tunnel vision, they only understand what they see, feel, and experience. Unfortunately they have turned Jesus into a Mystical Jesus and thrive on a felt faith experience through the visions and encounters they have in the Sozo sessions. You are right to be concerned and I would encourage you to use caution when and if you approach them. Bottom line is, the Word of God is quick and powerful, using allot of scripture, especially the Gospel message may help. Jesus asked His disciples, “who do men say that I am.” The real problem is with how they view Jesus Christ, who He is. Sozo is a dangerous ministry and cannot be validated by Scripture without abusing any given text, so when they use a verse to convince you always consider the context of the verse to obtain the truth. You may want to spend much time in prayer and study before you take on the task of approaching them. I would first approach your leadership with your concerns. That may not fair out so well but at least you may plant some seeds. I wish I had better advice, but like I said, my success has been more with those coming out of it in search for truth. God bless you on your efforts!

  18. Hello Mike. I don’t know if you are still dealing with this topic, but Sozo recently reached Europe, Switzerland precisely. Our pray ministry has been given the opportunity to attend a Sozo-Workshop, our church will pay the costs. As I had nothing but a curious feeling about it I started a research and came across your blog and some other public Reviews (YouTube, newspapers). I am seriously concerned about the fact that nobody seems to question the Sozo-Background. How can I argue with a pray ministry team that is more accesible for emotional experience than the profund thuth of Scripture? Thanks for your daily effort, may Jesus reward you…!

  19. Hey Alan, enjoyed meeting and talking with you as well! You posted on the article “The Players, Agenda And Strategies of the Global Dominionist Movement” and No Cris didn’t respond. God Bless!

  20. Hey Mike, it was great to chat with you guys today. I’m wondering whether or not ‘Chris’ replied to my post, but I’ve lost the place where it was. I’m not desperate to know, just curious.
    Blessings to you and your house,

  21. Thanks Alan for the encouraging words, it’s good to meet you. Mkayla spoke to me about you. It is good to connect with others of like mind and experiences. And thanks for the transparency, I feel the same way 🙂 It just makes things easier. Well, in response to your comment I guess I’ll share one of my favorites sayings, “No matter how far you have come, your still growing up.” That’s what I have learned over the last 30 years. However I have come to love and respect the truth of God’s Word and have a profound respect for it. God Bless you brother and keep up the good fight.

  22. Hi Mike, I came here because M’Kayla sent me the URL in an email answer to a question I posted to her. Long story short, our experiences are so similar I can just about tell what you’re going to say next (LOL), except for pastoring a church. As I look back over my life, I can see now how, where, and why God has not allowed me to ‘go forward’ at times and I’m grateful for His graciousness and care of me, sparing me a lot more hurt than what I have experienced, although I resented the fact that I seemed to have been left on the shelf. I have been involved in a number of churches over the 47 years I’ve been a Christian, from Baptist, thru Pentecostal, to Social Justice, to Charismatic (which later became Seeker Sensitive, then Purpose Driven), and back to a small fellowship (current), where there is a fairly even mix of WoF admirers and people like myself, who love the truth. We last mentioned ones go because we do get some opportunities to speak to the false things and although the reception is ‘frosty’, we are listened to, which is something. Obviously there has to be a day of reckoning at some stage, but in God’s timing. The Pastor is very open to correction, in-spite of his background in WoF circles, so I and others do have some hope that maybe we can rescue a few. Sorry for the long post, but I like to be as transparent as I can. No hidden agendas! 😉

  23. Your welcome diana, I have people very near me who have been swallowed up by this deception. I haven’t had the time but I plan on investigating this more in the future.

  24. I found you by putting in a search “what is wrong with Bethel’s Sozo?” My son has a teaching DVD on Sozo and just hearing it vexes my soul. Thank you so much for exposing the roots of this false teaching.

  25. Joe, their statement of faith will not help. All ministries use a generic form of statement of faith. I always look at who they support, or what links they have, what books they promote and who they are in fellowship with. This is not always easy as some of their websites are vague. Out side of talking to them personally or by email this is the only way I have to determine if they are WoF. You can usually tell by what they promote on their websites. Once you get familiar with the WoF doctrine it get easier to identify it.

  26. How do I determine if a local church is a ‘Word of Faith’ one? Since it seems to be a matter of doctrine, so I look at their ‘statement of faith’ or something like that?

  27. your right! thanks for that! I was just reflecting at the stupidity i would go around saying to people when I was full in the WoF movement! I used to tell people about healing and why if someone doesn’t get healed they didnt have faith. I used to even say things like “God I command you in Jesus name, heal this person now NOW!”. Can you imagine me commanding God looool, that will be the day! couldn’t believe the stupidity but also its hard for me because at that time, I was young, and a minor and so it was understandable to just “shut-up” and do what our elders told us to!

  28. It’s ok Lee, I know how disorienting it can be when you leave the WoF movement. My wife and I went through a rough time for about 3 years after we left. The we discovered just how deceived we had been and really took a hard look at things. Recovery can take a while but one thing I know for sure, God is faithful. He brought you out for a reason and you will be better off in the long run. God bless, and if there is anything I can do to help you know where to find me, right here.

  29. absolutely! your right! hope I didn’t irritate you lool, it was just when you mentioned the specific date you came to know Christ, I felt a bit disconcerted haha! but never mind. I’ve been on a few blogs (like Mkayla’s and Discerningtheworld) and have aired my problems to them and have had help but its just with all this WoF rubbish, much can be said about the environment one gets saved in. Like for me, it was going back to church and getting saved but i was stuck in the system for a few years until things happened and I left. Boy was I silly to know the amount of times my pastor had seen ‘Jesus’ in a vision. And i to some extent want to believe he did because he was biblical on most pints but something went off. I’m just scared of commiting a sin against someone who could actually be of God.

  30. Lee, I’m not sure of remembering the exact date you received Christ is as important as remembering you did. I understand all the hoopla your talking about and it does get confusing when you are trying to sort things out. As far as Salvation goes, it is simple. The Bible only requires that you believe on the Lord Jesus Christ. Romans 10:9 says “that if you confess with your mouth the Lord Jesus and believe in your heart that God has raised Him from the dead, you will be saved.” It is that simple! And again John 3:16 says “For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotton Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life.” To believe means to trust in the Sacrifice of Jesus Christ on the Cross. He died for our sin, in our place to satisfy God’s requirements for salvation. Only Jesus could do this. His blood shed for us paid the price for our sin. So when we believe in that, we are born again. We only have to believe in our hearts, and then confess with our mouths the Lord Jesus. However Faith (which is the same thing as believe) expresses a reliance upon and a personal trust in Christ that produces obedience to Him and His world. That is a good gauge to determine where you are at spiritually. I through the years have doubted I was saved at times because I seemed to fail at serving Him until I realized Salvation is not based on what I did or do but on what Jesus did for me on the Cross. I only believed, and continue to believe. It is His gift of Grace to us, it is free. God bless.

  31. nice blog! just one question, how do you remember a certain date that you became born-again because I can’t. I just remember going back to church and repeating the “sinners prayer” to be saved. that was 4 years ago! I’m now 20 years old. although I have since left that Word of Faith church, have been going through alot to work out whether amongst all the hoopla, I was really saved.

  32. I have really enjoyed reading your blog, you wrote some great posts. I am going to add you to my bloglist. God Bless you man.
    In Christ,

  33. Hi Mike. I didn’t relaise you had a blog. This is a great little place. I will add you to my bloglist if that is okay with you?

    Bless you,


  34. Thanks Bro. Don, I know it’s been a while. I will look forward to coffie, I know your a busy man. I have heard some of your messages on your site. I’m just glad there is at least one in NW Ohio who is not afraid to preach the whole counsel of God. God bless you!

  35. Thanks for keeping us posted on the move to wordpress, Mike. And for the excellent article you’ve posted here. I am proud to call you my brother and to know that you are a fellow Berean. Truth will prevail. Grace and peace to you my friend and brother. One of these days we need to have that “long overdue” cup of coffee together.
    Don B

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